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DNA Barcoding: Fighting Fish Fraud8 Oct 2014Read
10 Must-See Analytical Chemistry Videos19 Aug 2014Read

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Are Pork Extracts Present in My Gummy Bears? Gelatin Speciation by LC-MS/MS8 Dec 2014Read
Is There Horse in my Meat Ball? The Future of LC-MS/MS in Meat Speciation and Allergen Detection1 Dec 2014Read
PulsarTM Benchtop NMR for Food Authenticity Screening16 May 2014Read
Speciation of Organotin Compounds in Biological Tissues by GC/ICP-MS20 Sep 2013Read
Speciation Applications Summary Ion Chromatography Trace Elemental Species Separation and Detection18 Sep 2013Read
Coupling of an Inert Ion Chromatographic System with ICP-Q-MS for Robust and Accurate Elemental Speciation11 Sep 2013Read
Determination of Anions in Boiling Water Including Sulfur Speciation2 Sep 2013Read
Low Level Speciation of Chromium in Drinking Waters Using LC-ICP-MS18 Apr 2013Read
Determination of Arsenic Speciation in Apple Juice by HPLC/ICP-MS26 Oct 2012Read


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Speciation Detection using Next Generation Sequencing 2 Jun 2014Watch  
Oxford Instruments Pulsar Benchtop NMR for Meat Speciation19 May 2014Watch  
Detection of Game Meat Adulteration in Sausages by Real-Time PCR28 Apr 2014Watch  
Fish Speciation Analysis using Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry27 Apr 2014Watch  
Meat Authentication: The European Horsemeat Scandal27 Apr 2014Watch