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DNASTAR Awarded Antibody Engineering Software SBIR Grant16 Sep 2014Read
Selvita Licenses Cresset’s Computational Tools for SAR Analysis and Ligand-Based Design2 Sep 2014Read
Source BioScience Launches Intelligent GenomeCUBE Search Engine1 Sep 2014Read
Qlucore Omics Explorer Makes RNA-Seq Analysis Simple26 Aug 2014Read
Twin and Multi-Crystal Experiments in Agilent CrysAlisPro Software22 Aug 2014Read
Parallel Processing Simulator Speeds Development of Particle Beam Devices22 Aug 2014Read
Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu Enable Control of Each Other’s GC Instruments in Their Respective Chromatographic Data Systems22 Aug 2014Read
ACD/Labs Announces v2014 Release of ACD/Structure Elucidator Suite at ACS National Meeting18 Aug 2014Read
PerkinElmer Launches New Version of ChemBioOffice® Suite23 Jun 2014Read
Bitplane Showcases Latest 3D and 4D Microscopy Software Solution at mmc201417 Jun 2014Read

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The Benefits of Raman Spectroscopy for the Identification and Characterization of Polymers17 Sep 2014Read
Chemometric Modeling of Methanol in Tertiary Mixtures Using a High Resolution Portable Raman Spectrometer17 Sep 2014Read
How to Verify and Update Retention Times in Scheduled MRM Acquisition Methods using Analyst MultiQuant Software8 Sep 2014Read
MultiQuant Software 2.0: The New Standard in Productivity and Compliance for the Regulated Bioanalytical Laboratory8 Sep 2014Read
MultiQuant Software 2.0 with the SignalFinder Algorithm8 Sep 2014Read
Quantitation of Lanes and Bands Using 1D Analysis29 Aug 2014Read
cDrop Protocol for Qiagen Puregene DNA Extractions from Cell Lines28 Aug 2014Read
cDrop Analysis of DNA Extracts from Blood using PSS Magtration28 Aug 2014Read
cDrop-Based Quantification of Saliva DNA from the Oragene DNA kit28 Aug 2014Read
Pt, Pd, Rh in Recycled Automotive Catalysts26 Aug 2014Read


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Fast Screening for Pesticides in Food Samples with MasterView™ Software20 Aug 2014Watch  
Thermo Scientific iAutomate – Automation Configuration Made Easy3 Jul 2014Watch  
Image Studio Lite Software - FREE Software for Western Blot Analysis26 Jun 2014Watch  
Image Studio Software for LI-COR Instruments26 Jun 2014Watch  
Modern Cleanliness Analysis for Your Quality Assurance by Leica Microsystems20 May 2014Watch  
Learn How to Use SeqMan Pro for All Your Sequence Editing Needs 12 Feb 2014Watch  
Automate qPCR Preparation28 Jan 2014Watch  
Agilent VnmrJ 4.0 Software for NMR8 Aug 2013Watch  
SeqNinja: 3 Useful Functions for Large Data Sets 17 Jul 2013Watch  
Using the DNASTAR Cloud 12 Jul 2013Watch