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New AVA Lab Control Software – Smart Automation, Tracking and Control23 Feb 2015Read
TAdvanced Thermal Cycler – Perfectly Protected by the Advanced User Management18 Feb 2015Read
ZEISS Enters the Software Sector with Analysis Solution30 Jan 2015Read
Datacolor Announces New Release of its Industry-Leading ChromaCal Software9 Jan 2015Read
Bruker Releases ONET Software for Administration of FT-NIR Spectrometer Networks18 Dec 2014Read
Andor Launches KOMET 7 – An Advanced and Powerful Software Solution for Analysis, Data Management and Presentation of Comet Assay Samples9 Dec 2014Read
SynStats Software Training Video for Antibiotic and Vaccine Developers shows how to Easily Obtain Efficacy and Potency Results from ProtoCOL 3 Data3 Dec 2014Read
FluidX New IntelliCode™ 2D Barcoded Tubes Decoding Software12 Nov 2014Read
SelectScience Webinar Highlights Software that can Increase the Efficiency of Your Method Validation23 Oct 2014Read
Datacolor Announces Release v1.6 of Its Industry-Leading ChromaCal Software20 Oct 2014Read

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Analysis of Labeled and Non-Labeled Proteomic Data Using Progenesis QI for Proteomics2 Feb 2015Read
Enhancement of Chemiluminescent Images30 Jan 2015Read
Interfacing Viscotek Detectors with Waters SEC systems and Waters Empower® Software21 Jan 2015Read
Using Lightsheet PLUS23 Dec 2014Read
Measuring Protein Molecular Weight Using the Viscotek SEC-MALS 2019 Dec 2014Read
The Role of Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software in Assisting with Electronic Records Regulation Compliance9 Dec 2014Read
Detection of Adulteration of Glycerol with Diethylene Glycol by Infrared Spectroscopy8 Dec 2014Read
Euclidean Distance Clustering in Spectroscopy, with Applications for Polymorphs, Formulated Products, and Other Areas2 Dec 2014Read
Software for SAP Integration Links Quality Management and Control Workflows21 Nov 2014Read
A Label-Free, Multi-Omic Study to Qualitatively and Quantitatively Characterize the Effects of a Glucosylceramide Inhibitor on Obesity3 Oct 2014Read


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Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software, Discusses Standards Initiatives at SLAS25 Feb 2015Watch  
Entering Quad and Trap Masses in Analyst® Software13 Jan 2015Watch  
AZURA Mobile Control for HPLC5 Jan 2015Watch  
Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences: A Solution for Correlative Microscopy 23 Dec 2014Watch  
MultiWell: High Throughput Screening for Raman Chemical Analyzers19 Dec 2014Watch  
SynStats Statistical Analysis Software3 Dec 2014Watch  
ACD Spectrus Platform Overview17 Nov 2014Watch  
A Short Overview of the ChromaCal Image Calibration Software29 Oct 2014Watch  
LAS X Mobile Connection23 Oct 2014Watch  
Video Presentation of the PCR Setup Solution 24 Sep 2014Watch