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New Humidifier Accessory from Markes Set to Improve Analysis of Chemical Emissions from Materials13 Jun 2014Read
New High-Performance HS-20 Series Headspace Samplers from Shimadzu Provide Reliable and Robust Solution for Volatile Compound Analyses24 Mar 2013Read
Determination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in Volatile Samples7 Feb 2013Read
New Instrument for Continuous Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds in Air and Gas to be Launched at PITTCON 20131 Feb 2013Read
Parallel Sample Preparation System for HPLC Vials25 Jan 2013Read
Phenomenex Introduces New Highly Inert GC Columns for Challenging Environmental Semivolatiles Analysis23 Jan 2013Read
Watch the Webinar: From Helium to Hydrogen: GC-MS Case Study on SVOCs in Water1 Jan 2013Read

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Direct Desorption of VOCs and SVOCs from Leather Furnishings25 Jul 2014Read
Monitoring Labile, High-Boiling Organic Vapors Such As Those Found in Cleanroom Air in Semiconductor Plants22 Jul 2014Read
Overcoming the ‘One-Shot’ Limitation of Thermal Desorption by the Re-Collection of Desorbed Samples22 Jul 2014Read
A Review of Sorbent-Based Sampling Methods for Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in Air22 Jul 2014Read
Rapid Field Sampling of Airborne Compounds Using the Capillary Trap Sampler, Thermal Separation Probe, and an Agilent 5975T LTM GC/MS4 Jun 2014Read
Improved Analysis of EPA Method 8270D on a Zebron™ ZB-SemiVolatiles Column23 Jul 2013Read
Improved Sensitivity and Dynamic Range Using the Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS System for EPA Method 8270D Semi-Volatile Organic Compound Analysis20 May 2013Read
Determination of Semivolatile Organic Compounds in Drinking Water Using the Agilent 5977A Series GC/MSD17 May 2013Read
Real Time Monitoring of VOCs and Inorganic Compounds by Ion – Molecule Reaction Mass Spectrometry: Technology and Applications9 May 2013Read
EPA Method 8270 for SVOC Analysis on the 5977A Series GC/MSD9 May 2013Read


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The New XcelVap for Evaporation and Concentration of Semi-Volatiles from Horizon Technology25 Mar 2013Watch