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Scientific Specialties, Inc Present New 5 mL Centrifuge Tubes at Pittcon27 Feb 2015Read
The New Parsum IPP-80 Inline Particle Sizing Probe: Robust, Trouble Free Granulation Monitoring23 Feb 2015Read
The Perfect Intermediate Volume Storage Option from Scientific Specialties, Inc23 Feb 2015Read
New Serrated Blade Knife for Knife Mill GRINDOMIX GM 20027 Jan 2015Read
Pall Laboratory: Clear Choice, Clear Options in Filtration22 Jan 2015Read
Sample Prep to Spectral Analyses, Fast and Reproducible29 Oct 2014Read
Precellys® Evolution, the New Super Homogenizer18 Sep 2014Read
The High Energy Ball Mill Emax from Retsch - Revolutionizing Ultrafine Grinding11 Apr 2014Read
QIAensemble Decapper Automates Tedious Sample Preparation Process17 Feb 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Practical Example: Comminution of Nuts – Generation of Representative Samples22 Jan 2015Read
A New Tool for Nano-Milling Poorly Watersoluble API Using the Precellys® + Cryolys21 Jan 2015Read
High Throughput Disruption of Yeast in a 96-Well Format16 Jan 2015Read
Nafion Powder for the Production of Fuel Cell Electrodes7 Jan 2015Read
Effect of Lysis Time and Other Variables on DNA Extraction from Fresh Basil2 Jan 2015Read
Comparison of Methods for the Isolation of DNA from Soybeans23 Dec 2014Read
The Benefits of the Geno/Grinder High-Throughput Tissue Homogenizer to Increase Sample Throughput for Pesticide Residue Analysis by LC/MS/MS17 Dec 2014Read
Comparison of Pesticide Extraction in Agricultural Products Using a Manual Shaking Method and Mechanical Mixing with the Geno/Grinder®11 Dec 2014Read
Preparation of Rice Husks for the Analysis of Their Contents9 Dec 2014Read
Performances Study Standard Palletank® Cubical Jacketed (PED) for Mixing 50L, 200L, 650L5 Dec 2014Read


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Increase Throughput with the 6808 Vial Extractor from SPEX SamplePrep18 Dec 2014Watch  
Introducing the SPEX 3636 X Press 35 Ton Lab Pellet Press18 Nov 2014Watch  
Say Hello to the 1600 MiniG™ from SPEX SamplePrep13 Nov 2014Watch  
The 8530 Shatterbox® Grinds Tough, Brittle Samples in Minutes8 Oct 2014Watch  
Feel Powerful with Precellys® Evolution Homogenizer19 Sep 2014Watch  
Precellys® Evolution, SUPER Homogenizer19 Sep 2014Watch  
How the FRITSCH Cutting Mills Work18 Jun 2014Watch  
Cleaning of Cutting Mills - Fast - Easy - Safe!18 Jun 2014Watch  
2020 Geno/Grinder® Integrates with Robotic System20 May 2014Watch  
2020 Geno/Grinder®: Automated Homogenizer and Cell Lyser 14 May 2014Watch