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Enhanced US Support for Microplate Sample Concentration Systems8 Oct 2014Read
Phenomenex Launches Phenova® Certified Reference Materials for Environmental Laboratories30 Jul 2014Read
Compact MiniVap™ Blowdown Sample Concentrator from Porvair for R&D Departments16 Jul 2014Read
Odour Free Sample Evaporation with New Technology from Genevac13 Jun 2014Read
Improved Solid Phase Extraction Workflow at ASMS3 Jun 2014Read
Genevac Consolidate Evaporator & Freeze Dryer Sales Channels in the UK29 May 2014Read
A Rapid Safe Technique for Drying DNA and Oligonucleotide Samples from Genevac27 Jan 2014Read
PIKE Technologies Introduces Micro-Volume UV-Vis Accessory for Measurement of DNA and Protein Concentrations13 Jan 2014Read
New Dri-Pure® Technology from Genevac Helps Avoid Sample Loss during Evaporative Drying7 Nov 2013Read
New Genevac Protocol for Preparing Top Quality Lyophilized Samples7 Nov 2013Read

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Chemometric Modeling of Methanol in Tertiary Mixtures Using a High Resolution Portable Raman Spectrometer17 Sep 2014Read
Total Protein Quantification in Presence of Imidazole using Spectral Content Profiling on the Xpose18 Aug 2014Read
The XcelVap® Evaporation/Concentration System Pressure Profiling9 Aug 2014Read
Concentrating Phenolic Compounds Using the XcelVap® Evaporation/Concentration System8 Aug 2014Read
A Rapid, Sample-Safe, Evaporative Technique for Preparation of DNA and Oligonucleotide Samples16 Sep 2013Read
The Importance of Reliable and Efficient Sample Preparation in the Development of a Novel Forensic Method to Detect Diclofenac Residuesin Vultures and Livestock Animals11 Sep 2013Read
Evaluation of a New Technology which enables Large Volumes to be Concentrated Directly into a Small Vial for Use in Environmental Analysis28 Jun 2013Read
Evaluation of a Novel, Large Volume Evaporative Sample Preparation Technique27 Jun 2013Read
Evaluation of Evaporative Sample Preparation Techniques using the Genevac EZ-224 Jun 2013Read


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Rocket and Rocket 4D Centrifugal Evaporation Systems13 Aug 2014Watch  
Genevac EZ-2 Series Evaporator13 Aug 2014Watch  
Genevac miVac Concentrator Range13 Aug 2014Watch  
The XcelVap® Automated Concentration / Evaporation System from Horizon Technology11 Jun 2013Watch