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Phenomenex Launches Phenova® Certified Reference Materials for Environmental Laboratories30 Jul 2014Read
Compact MiniVap™ Blowdown Sample Concentrator from Porvair for R&D Departments16 Jul 2014Read
Odour Free Sample Evaporation with New Technology from Genevac13 Jun 2014Read
Improved Solid Phase Extraction Workflow at ASMS3 Jun 2014Read
Genevac Consolidate Evaporator & Freeze Dryer Sales Channels in the UK29 May 2014Read
A Rapid Safe Technique for Drying DNA and Oligonucleotide Samples from Genevac27 Jan 2014Read
PIKE Technologies Introduces Micro-Volume UV-Vis Accessory for Measurement of DNA and Protein Concentrations13 Jan 2014Read
New Dri-Pure® Technology from Genevac Helps Avoid Sample Loss during Evaporative Drying7 Nov 2013Read
New Genevac Protocol for Preparing Top Quality Lyophilized Samples7 Nov 2013Read
Porvair Sciences to Officially Launch UltraVap Mistral Automatic Dry Down Station at Biotechnica 201310 Oct 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Chemometric Modeling of Methanol in Tertiary Mixtures Using a High Resolution Portable Raman Spectrometer17 Sep 2014Read
Total Protein Quantification in Presence of Imidazole using Spectral Content Profiling on the Xpose18 Aug 2014Read
The XcelVap® Evaporation/Concentration System Pressure Profiling9 Aug 2014Read
Concentrating Phenolic Compounds Using the XcelVap® Evaporation/Concentration System8 Aug 2014Read
A Rapid, Sample-Safe, Evaporative Technique for Preparation of DNA and Oligonucleotide Samples16 Sep 2013Read
The Importance of Reliable and Efficient Sample Preparation in the Development of a Novel Forensic Method to Detect Diclofenac Residuesin Vultures and Livestock Animals11 Sep 2013Read
Evaluation of a New Technology which enables Large Volumes to be Concentrated Directly into a Small Vial for Use in Environmental Analysis28 Jun 2013Read
Evaluation of a Novel, Large Volume Evaporative Sample Preparation Technique27 Jun 2013Read
Evaluation of Evaporative Sample Preparation Techniques using the Genevac EZ-224 Jun 2013Read


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Rocket and Rocket 4D Centrifugal Evaporation Systems13 Aug 2014Watch  
Genevac EZ-2 Series Evaporator13 Aug 2014Watch  
Genevac miVac Concentrator Range13 Aug 2014Watch  
The XcelVap® Automated Concentration / Evaporation System from Horizon Technology11 Jun 2013Watch