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Bruker Highlights Innovative Technology for Receptor Recognition in Living Cells at mmc201417 Jun 2014Read
NovAliX and Inventiva Form a Strategic Alliance on Nuclear Receptors11 Apr 2013Read
Lomonosov Moscow State University are Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis for Environmental & Biomedical Nanoparticle Monitoring17 Jan 2013Read
Addex Scientists Identify and Characterize the First Potent and Selective Small Molecule Negative Allosteric Modulator Targeting mGlu7 Receptor20 Dec 2012Read

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Detection of Cytokine and Growth Factor Receptor Dimerization Using Enzyme Fragment Complementation29 Aug 2014Read
An Immuno-Mass Spectrometric Assay for Quantification of Soluble Transferrin Receptor in Human Serum28 Aug 2014Read
cAMP/IP-One HTplex Cell-Based Experiment Performed on Mithras5 Jul 2013Read
Miniaturized HTRF® Assays Using the Echo® Liquid Handler24 Apr 2013Read
Live-Cell Biosensor Assay Used To Interrogate GPCRs: Comparative Analysis of Biosensor Variants24 Jan 2013Read
Transiently Transfected Cell Lines for GABA Receptor Screening using the IonFlux System17 Aug 2012Read
Development of Simple, Robust and Highly Sensitive Cell-Based Assays for the Valiscreen™ TRPC3 and TRPC6 Cell Lines17 Aug 2012Read
Automated High Throughput Functional Cell-based Bioassays for EGFR Blocking Antibodies11 Jul 2012Read


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