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Dispense Weighted Samples with the New Harvard Apparatus P-1500 Peristaltic Pump with Weight Scale Integration12 Nov 2014Read
BrandTech® Scientific Announces New Innovative Vacuum Pumps17 Feb 2014Read
Eppendorf to Present Latest Innovations and Extensive Product Portfolio at Biotechnica 201324 Sep 2013Read
Analytik Jena to Exhibit Latest Developments for Sample Handling and PCR at Biotechnica 201323 Sep 2013Read
High Throughput Screening of Cellular Bioenergetics18 Sep 2013Read
Socorex Launches New Bottle-Top Dispensers15 Jul 2013Read
Reagent Reservoirs for 96 and 384 Well Pipetting Systems from INTEGRA19 Apr 2013Read
METTLER TOLEDO Introduces Automated Dispensing Modules for XP Series Analytical Balances21 Mar 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Precision of the CyBi®-SELMA 96, 250 μl16 Jan 2015Read
Customer Evaluation of the CyBi®-Drop 3D for Screening Applications4 Nov 2014Read


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TTP Labtech mosquito®: Tips and Tricks for Calibration24 Oct 2014Watch  
Mosquito X1 Automated Nanoliter Hit Picking by TTP Labtech13 Aug 2014Watch  
VIAFLO 96 and Seahorse Bioscience XF96 Flux Assay Kits9 Jun 2014Watch  
The MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser from BioTek16 May 2014Watch  
XRD-384 Dispensing into Cryo Tubes28 Mar 2014Watch  
MultiFlo FX Microplate Dispenser Sets New Standards in Liquid Handling Workflows16 Sep 2013Watch  
Rapid Reagent Dispensing with VIAFILL4 Jul 2013Watch  
Reliable Liquid Handling using the Acura Manual Pipettes from Socorex18 Feb 2013Watch  
1536 Pipetting Head for the CyBi-Well Vario Pipetting System8 Feb 2013Watch  
DMSO-based Sample Solutions from Artel for Low Volume Dispensing Verification30 Jan 2013Watch