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Thermo Fisher Scientific Orbitrap LC-MS Systems Now Equipped with IonSense ID-CUBE Ion Source4 Sep 2013Read
Aesica Delivers Advanced QP Release Services12 Aug 2013Read
CEM Introduces New Analyzer for Dry and Wet Samples18 Mar 2013Read
The Aspect Quality Test Laboratory Relies on the BINDER KBF 720 Constant Climate Chamber3 Oct 2012Read
FP 115-S Material Test Chambers with Mechanical Convection from BINDER Carry Out Demanding Quality Testing3 Oct 2012Read
Free Trial of STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Station21 Jun 2012Read

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Optimization of Qualitative and Quantitative Follicle Stimulating Hormone Analyses by High Performance Mass Spectrometry29 Jan 2015Read
The Institute for Nutraceutical Advancement (INA) Validates GC Methods for Saw Palmetto Using Rtx®-5 and Stabilwax® Columns28 Jan 2015Read
Electronic Systems Testing with BINDER Environmental Simulation Chamber MK11522 Oct 2014Read
Cost & Benefits of Handheld Raman for Quality Control Testing of Incoming Raw Materials in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain17 Sep 2014Read
Rapid Analysis of Environmental Contaminants by Fast GC–TOF MS with Select-eV Variable-Energy Electron Ionization12 Sep 2014Read
A Novel Food Freshness Assay Based on ATP Depletion Part 112 Aug 2014Read
The Identification and Quantitation of Trace-Level Compounds in Beer by GC–TOF MS12 Aug 2014Read
High-Performance Screening of Pollutants in Water using GC×GC–TOF MS12 Aug 2014Read
Detecting Trace Target Compounds in Emission Profiles from Household Materials using Targetview GC–MS Software11 Aug 2014Read
Accurate Identification of Fragrance Allergens using Targetview GC–MS Software11 Aug 2014Read


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Scientific Challenges for Major Oil Companies: Livio Garcia Da Costa, Petrobras28 Oct 2013Watch