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Top 10 Environmental Downloads of 201431 Dec 2014Read
Laboratory Water Essentials: Top Tips for Safeguarding Your Experiments27 Oct 2014Read
PURELAB® Chorus Wins Gold at IBO Awards24 Sep 2014Read
ELGA Labwater Launches New Range of PURELAB® Chorus Customizable Water Purifcation System17 Feb 2014Read
ELGA Labwater Launches PURELAB® Chorus Range of Customizable Water Purification Systems13 Feb 2014Read
METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Releases the UniCond® 4-E Digital Conductivity Sensors for Monitoring Chemical Concentrations3 Sep 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Water Purification Portfolio with the Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus1 Aug 2013Read
EMD Millipore Launches Millitrack® Compliance, a Unique e-Solution for Lab Water Purification9 Jul 2013Read
ELGA Helps Immuneserology Labs Maximise Uptime10 Jun 2013Read
EMD Millipore Introduces the Lab Water Virtual Conference: The Lab of Tomorrow, Bringing the Future of Life Today17 May 2013Read

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Determination of Trace Fluoride, Chloride, and Sulfate in Lithium-Containing Borated Waters25 Jan 2013Read


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ELGA, the Lab Water Specialists6 Jan 2015Watch  
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The Elix® Module25 Feb 2014Watch  
Pure Water Critical for Brazil’s Largest Clinical Laboratory: Claudio Pereira, Director of Clinical Analysis, DASA, Sao Paulo7 Nov 2013Watch  
Millitrack® Compliance: The e-Solution Today for the Regulated Lab of Tomorrow3 Sep 2013Watch  
Flexible Water Purification with the New PURELAB Chorus Range from ELGA LabWater25 Mar 2013Watch  
Environmental Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance Software from EMD Millipore Lab Water 25 Mar 2013Watch  
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