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Sony DADC to Supply Microfluidic Disposables for Trinean’s High Throughput DropSense96™ Spectrometers and Xpose™ Touch&Go Sample QC Analyzer1 Apr 2014Read
Cronus Technologies Announces the Launch of the Trinean Xpose - A New Micro‐Volume8 Feb 2013Read
Trinean to in-license PerkinElmer Technology4 Feb 2013Read
Trinean Launches the Xpose - A New Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer8 Jan 2013Read
Study in UK SSDs of ProReveal Fluorescence Protein Detection Test Shows Technology can Detect Nanogram Amounts of Protein on Surgical Instruments29 Nov 2012Read
The new Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 – Less is more15 Nov 2012Read
Agilent Technologies and MRM Proteomics Sign Comarketing Agreement to Further Quantitative Proteomics Solutions17 Sep 2012Read
Berthold Technologies Offers a Dedicated Absorbance Reader: Apollo 115 Jul 2012Read
No More Western Blotting Worries: Bio-Rad’s New V3 Western Workflow™ Provides Confidence at Every Step of the Immunoblotting Workflow17 Apr 2012Read
Unique Drug Discovery Project uses 2D Gel Image Analyzer3 Apr 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Stain-Free Method for Western Blotting27 Jan 2014Read
Improving Low Abundance Protein Identification in Complex Proteome Samples25 Jul 2013Read
CESI-MS: An Essential Complement to nanoLC-ESI-MS for Complex Proteome Analysis25 Jul 2013Read
High Definition Multiple Reaction Monitoring: The Application of Quadrupole Ion Mobility Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Targeted Proteomic Studies25 Jul 2013Read
Avoiding Housekeeping Protein Detection Saturation15 Jul 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Sample Load When Using a Stain-Free V3 Western Workflow™1 Jul 2013Read
A Method for Greater Reliability in Western Blot Loading Controls: Stain-Free Total Protein Quantitation24 Jun 2013Read
General V3 Western Blotting Protocol20 Jun 2013Read
Validating the Expression Consistency of a Housekeeping Protein17 Jun 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Sample Load for Western Blots14 Jun 2013Read


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SISCAPA Technology: The Superior Alternative for Protein Quantitation17 Apr 2014Watch  
Eppendorf PlateReader AF22001 Apr 2014Watch  
NanoDrop Products – The Scientific Community has Spoken28 Mar 2014Watch  
DNA and Protein Measurements with BioDrop’s In-built Sample Port8 Jul 2013Watch  
Go Digital with the Innovative C-DiGit Blot Scanner24 Apr 2013Watch  
OPTIZEN NanoHandler Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer (Manual)5 Feb 2013Watch  
ViBE Protein Analysis Platform from BioScale30 Jan 2013Watch  
Xpose - A New Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer from Trinean30 Jan 2013Watch  
High-Speed, Micro-Volume Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantification8 Jan 2013Watch  
New Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Protein on Surgical Instruments27 Nov 2012Watch

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