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PerkinElmer Launches Innovative High Throughput Imaging System for Clearer and Faster Visualization of Disease Markers in Tissue14 Mar 2014Read
Protea Introduces the GPR-850 Gel Protein Recovery System31 Jan 2014Read
Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 System Supports Identification and Selection of GPCR Target Protein Expressing Cell Lines21 Jan 2014Read
Redesigned Synthetic Systems Conference For Enhancing Protein Production22 Oct 2013Read
Molecular Devices Introduces ScanLater Western Blot Detection System16 Oct 2013Read
New SI600C Cooled Shaking Incubator from Stuart Opens up a Whole New Range of Applications13 May 2013Read
Promega Trypsin/Lys-C Mix Enhances Proteolysis of Difficult-to-Digest Proteins5 Mar 2013Read
Tecan Microarray Solutions Transform Functional Proteomics Workflows at Arizona State University21 Feb 2013Read
Win 1 of 3 iPad Minis at the Mirus Bio Booth #423 at ASCB3 Dec 2012Read
Horizon Discovery and Promega Launch Suite of X-MAN Reporter Kits12 Nov 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Introduction to Pichia Pastoris in a Stirred-Tank Fermentor28 Jan 2014Read
Protein Quantification by Progenesis LC-MS21 Oct 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Film Exposure Time for Protein Detection after Western Blotting8 Jul 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Sample Load When Using a Stain-Free V3 Western Workflow™1 Jul 2013Read
A Method for Greater Reliability in Western Blot Loading Controls: Stain-Free Total Protein Quantitation24 Jun 2013Read
General V3 Western Blotting Protocol20 Jun 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Sample Load for Western Blots14 Jun 2013Read
Detecting Phenotypical Subgroups in Breast Cancer using Multiplexed Protein Expression Analysis in Intact Tissue Sections16 May 2013Read
Quantitating Protein Expression in Intact Tissue Sections for Cancer Research9 May 2013Read
Selecting a Transfection Reagent for Large Scale Protein Production in Suspension 293 Cell Types7 Feb 2013Read


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Revealing Breast Cancer Pathways with Bio-Rad’s V3 Western Workflow™4 Jul 2013Watch  
Go Digital with the Innovative C-DiGit Blot Scanner24 Apr 2013Watch  
The New C-DiGit™ Chemiluminescence Western Blot Scanner from LI-COR®17 Feb 2013Watch  
Current Techniques for Researching Alzheimer’s Disease5 Nov 2012Watch  
In situ Detection of DNA, RNA and Proteins30 Apr 2012Watch

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