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World Cancer Day: The Technologies Advancing Cancer Research4 Feb 2015Read
UroSens Receives £2 Million Investment to Commercialise Urine-Based Diagnostic Test for Bladder and Prostate Cancer14 Jan 2015Read
Beckman Coulter Showcases New Prostate Cancer Blood Test at 2014 AUA Annual Meeting20 May 2014Read
Beckman Coulter’s phi Named in NCCN Guidelines as a Recommended Diagnostic Test for Early Prostate Cancer Detection20 May 2014Read
New Prostate Cancer Blood Test Now Available in the US24 Apr 2014Read
Myriad's Prolaris® Test Significantly Modifies Treatment Decisions for Patients With Prostate Cancer3 Feb 2014Read
ADC Therapeutics Licenses Proprietary Antibody from BZL Biologics for Prostate Cancer15 Jul 2013Read
AstraZeneca Collaborates with Cambridge Medical Research Institutions to Advance Cancer Research11 Jul 2013Read
Bruker Collaborates with 3M to Enable Easy Study of FFPE Tissue5 Jun 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Announces Winner of Fifth Annual Early Career Professor Award: Assistant Professor at Northwestern Recognized for Cancer Diagnostics Research13 May 2013Read

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Hypoxic Cell Culture in the New Brunswick™ Galaxy® 170R Incubator: Normal Growth, Morphological Changes13 Feb 2015Read
Escalating Cancer Research through Automated RNASeq Sample Preparation from Archival FFPE Tissue Specimens30 Jan 2015Read
MagPlex® Performance to Non-magnetic Beads in Prostate Cancer Assays Microspheres Provide Superior11 Sep 2014Read
Development of an LC-MRM Based Assay of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in Human Serum29 Aug 2014Read
High Sensitivity Quantification of Triptorelin Deca Peptide using the QTRAP® 6500 System21 Jul 2014Read
Validation Study of the Vi-CELL™ XR for Automated Cell Counting of Dendritic Cells16 Jun 2014Read
Sarcosine: Separation of Potential Urine Biomarker from Isobaric ß-alanine2 Apr 2014Read
The use of High-Content Analysis Enables a High-Throughput Wound Healing Assay for Cancer Research11 Jul 2013Read
Investigation into the Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Androgen Independence Using Label-Free Data-Independent Quantitative LC-HDMSE and Pathway Analysis13 Jun 2013Read
A Sensitive and Rapid Estimation of Leuprolide in Human Plasma12 Jun 2013Read


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