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NETZSCH Hosts Free Online Seminars: How Thermal Analysis Can Aid in the Manufacture of High-Quality Plastic Parts28 Apr 2014Read
Malvern Instruments at analytica 201424 Mar 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Innovative 4300 Handheld FTIR Spectrometer, Bringing Laboratory Performance to the Field18 Mar 2014Read
NETZSCH Hosts Free Webinars to Help Ensure Zero-Defect Plastic Parts30 Dec 2013Read
SCIENION’s sciFLEXARRAYER Awarded with Product Technology Innovation Award by Materials Science Society AVS21 Nov 2013Read
Reproducible DSC Results Now Faster and Easier with the NETZSCH DSC 214 Polyma1 Nov 2013Read
Bruker Introduces New Benchtop FT-NMR System FOURIER 6010 Sep 2013Read
Measure Molecular Size of Proteins & Polymers with RheoSense.23 Jul 2013Read
Agilent Technologies GC/MS Systems Power Art Conservation Workshop at Yale University17 Jul 2013Read
Scientists at CENIMAT and New University of Lisbon are Investigating LCP Polymer Blends using the Linkam CSS45015 May 2013Read

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SEC Analysis of Hyaluronic Acid14 Jul 2014Read
Polymer Analysis Applications14 Jul 2014Read
Polymer Blend Analysis by GPC-PDA14 Jul 2014Read
Structural Characterization of Polymers by MALDI SpiralTOF Mass Spectrometry Combined with Kendrick Mass Defect Analysis14 Jul 2014Read
Polyolefin Characterization by High Temperature Adsorption Liquid Chromatography: A Review of Solvent Gradient (SGIC) and Thermal Gradient Interaction Chromatography (TGIC)19 Jun 2014Read
Polymer Characterization Application Book16 May 2014Read
Characterizing Polymer Folding Patterns Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry7 May 2014Read
Process and Quality Control Solutions by Time Domain NMR Analysis for Polymer Industries1 May 2014Read
Polymer Analysis by ESR28 Apr 2014Read
Photometric Titration of Carboxyl End Groups in Polymers21 Mar 2014Read


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Polyma DSC214 - Your DSC Solution!14 Jul 2014Watch  
The Zetasizer µV Dual Integrated Light Scattering System from Malvern12 Mar 2014Watch  
Waters® ACQUITY® Advanced Polymer Chromatography™ (APC™) System2 Jul 2013Watch  
The Horiba Xplora: Combining Confocal Microscopy and Raman Chemical Analysis1 Mar 2013Watch  
A New Line of High Performance DSC Solutions19 Oct 2012Watch