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Hamilton Announces New Lab and Sensor Products7 Mar 2014Read
LECO Introduces the 736 Series: Oxygen/Nitrogen Analysis by Fusion20 Nov 2013Read
Hanna Instruments, Inc. Introduces World’s Most Versatile Laboratory Meter8 Oct 2013Read
Oxford Optronix Launches Next-Generation Tissue Oxygenation and Blood Flow Monitoring Systems4 Jul 2013Read
Xylem’s YSI Introduces Several New Instruments to Increase Efficiency and Decrease Costs15 May 2013Read
Anton Paar Launches CboxQC for Rapid Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurements28 Feb 2013Read
Siemens Blood Gas Analyzers Set for Everest Return19 Feb 2013Read
MOCON Increases Oxygen Permeation Testing Throughput for Packages with New Rack-6 Conditioning System12 Nov 2012Read
MOCON Announces Three New Accessories for Breakthrough OpTech Oxygen Test System12 Nov 2012Read
Fast Pressurized Liquid Switching and Bubbled Oxygenation26 Oct 2011Read

  Application Articles

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Determination of Trace Elements in Toluene Using ICPE-9000 and Oxygen Kit23 Dec 2014Read
Oxidative Stability of Biscuits17 Sep 2014Read
Optical Oxygen Systems with ISM®7 Apr 2014Read
Ratiometric Imaging of Fluorescence and Absorption Signals13 Mar 2014Read
Metabolic Profiling of Pancreatic Cancer: Bridging the Gap between Mitochondrial Genotype and Phenotype20 May 2013Read
Assessing Microbial Metabolism Using A Simple ‘Mix & Measure’ Oxygen Consumption Assay25 Mar 2013Read
Permeation and its Impact on Packaging12 Nov 2012Read


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