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Caris Life Sciences Awarded Regional Innovation Funding by the NHS (England) to Provide Advanced Tumor Profiling Pilot for Patients with Ovarian and Rare Cancers3 Oct 2014Read
BellBrook Labs and UW-Madison Team Awarded NCI Contract to Develop Next Generation Cancer Models26 Sep 2014Read
Almac Validates Novel Test for Ovarian Cancer Patients17 Jun 2014Read
Revolutionary Nanoparticle Based Drug Delivery – Targeted Cancer Therapeutics Interview10 Jun 2014Read
Immunovaccine Reports Promising Clinical Activity for Novel T Cell Activating Immunotherapy DPX-Survivac at ASCO 20143 Jun 2014Read
Clinical Ovarian Cancers, Study Suggests Multiple Treatment Protocols May Be Necessary15 Nov 2013Read
Quest Diagnostics Introduces BRCAvantage™ for Inherited Breast and Ovarian Cancers30 Oct 2013Read
Abcodia Licenses the 'Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm' (ROCA®) from Massachusetts General Hospital and Queen Mary, University of London.23 Sep 2013Read
CA-125 Test Shows Promise as Screening Tool for Ovarian Cancer27 Aug 2013Read
BioTek Features Unique Microplate Instrumentation and Applications at MipTec 201312 Aug 2013Read

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Novel Tumor Model for the Characterization of Ovarian Cancer Spheroids15 Dec 2014Read
Mount Sinai’s Novel Biomarker Predicts Treatment Outcome in Ovarian Cancer Using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis from QIAGEN27 Oct 2014Read
Multiplexed Assay for IL-6 Secretion and Cell Viability using an Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cell Line7 Apr 2014Read
Primary Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cells form Spheroids when Cultured on Corning® Ultra-Low Attachment Surfaces18 Mar 2014Read
Preclinical Evaluation of Mab CC188 for Ovarian Cancer Imaging17 Jan 2014Read
Development of a Red Fluorescent Labeled Agent for Assessing HER2 Expression22 Jul 2013Read
A Novel Tumor Model for the Characterization of Ovarian Cancer Spheroids11 Jul 2013Read
A Novel Extraction Procedure Using Micro Elution Plates for the Estimation of Docetaxel Using UPLC and ACQUITY TQD12 Jun 2013Read
Multiplex Analysis of Serum Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer Patients Using Bio-Plex Suspension Array System14 May 2013Read
Multiplexed Assay for IL-6 Secretion and Cell Viability Using an Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cell Line17 Apr 2013Read


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