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The new Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 – Less is more15 Nov 2012Read
New Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 Allows Life Scientists to Analyze Even Smaller Sample Volumes29 Oct 2012Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Personal NanoDrop UV-Vis Spectrophotometer20 Jan 2012Read

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Low Volume Nucleic Acid Quantification and Non-Invasive Oxygen Sensing12 Feb 2015Read
Study of Properties of Nucleic Acid Dependent Photosensitizer In(III)(pyropheophorbide-a)chloride by Using an LB 940 Mithras Plate Reader Coupled to a Red Diode Array Light Source8 Jan 2015Read
Nucleic Acid and Fluorescent Dye Concentration Measurement2 Jan 2015Read
Microvolume Quantification of Nucleic Acids in Molecular Diagnostics with Thermo Scientific Nanodrop28 Oct 2014Read
Determination of Nucleic Acid Concentrations Using Fluorescent Dyes in the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer® fluorescence15 Oct 2014Read
Fully Automated Purification of Viral Nucleic Acids and Detection with Ready-to-Use artus® PCR Kits20 Sep 2014Read
Rapid and Reproducible Isolation of DNA and Proteins with Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex2 Sep 2014Read
Factor Based Quantification of Nucleic Acid Concentrations in the Eppendorf PlateReader AF22006 Nov 2013Read
Spectrophotometric Nucleic Acid Quantification in Microplates and Micro-Volumes21 Aug 2013Read


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NanoDrop 2000 / 2000c UV-Vis Spectrophotometer20 Nov 2014Watch  
New InnuPure C16 from Analytik Jena Life Science20 Nov 2013Watch  
The New Eppendorf µCuvette™ G1.0 – Less is More9 Nov 2012Watch  
Eppendorf Launch Spectrometer for Molecular Biology Applications21 Oct 2011Watch