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Exosome Diagnostics and the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute to Accelerate Development of Plasma-Based Lung Cancer Diagnostics23 Jan 2015Read
Myriad Obtains CE Mark for Tumor BRACAnalysis CDx™ and Launches Test in Europe as Companion Diagnostic for PARP Inhibitors20 Jan 2015Read
EKF Molecular Diagnostics and GILUPI announce Circulating Tumour Cell DNA enrichment and mutation detection from single figures of cells29 May 2014Read
QIAGEN Integrates Content from BIOBASE with Its Leading Offering for Biological Data Interpretation21 May 2014Read
Horizon Discovery Signs Large-Scale License Agreement for its X-MAN Cell Lines in Japan30 Jan 2014Read
Bio-Rad Launches PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital™ PCR12 Dec 2013Read
Extremely Rare Mitochondrial DNA Deletions Associated with Aging Can Be Accurately Detected with Droplet Digital™ PCR4 Sep 2013Read
BioReliance® Introduces Updated Big Blue® Mouse Assay Service2 Sep 2013Read
Bio-Rad Launches New iTaq™ Universal One-Step Kits for Reverse Transcription Real-Time PCR20 Aug 2013Read
Bio-Rad Launch PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital™ PCR10 Jul 2013Read

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Site-Directed Mutagenesis13 Aug 2014Read
Simultaneous Detection of KRAS and TP53 Mutations in Human Cancer Cell Lines Using Multiplex qPCR11 Apr 2014Read
Agilent HaloPlex Target Enrichment System: Design and Analysis of Clinical Research Panels15 Nov 2013Read
High Resolution Melt Parameter Considerations for Optimal Data Resolution7 Nov 2013Read
Detection of p53 Gene in Breast Cancer by Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis and the DCode™ System23 Oct 2013Read
Rapid Mutation Detection Using a Modified Resequencing Workflow16 Sep 2013Read
Cancer Biomarker Research using castPCR™ Technology4 Sep 2013Read
SSCP Analyses in Exons 7–9 and 9–10 of the Tumor Suppressor Gene p5330 Jul 2013Read
SSCP analysis in exon 6 of the tumor suppressor gene p5326 Jul 2013Read
When to Use Targeted Resequencing — Choosing the Right NGS Method17 Jul 2013Read


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Dr. Jude Fitzgibbon, Barts Cancer Institute - Part 2: Understanding the Molecular Evolution of AML28 May 2013Watch