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Bio-Rad Introduces Bio-Plex Manager™ MP Software Upgrade for All MAGPIX Multiplex Readers13 Feb 2014Read
Luminex Corporation Achieves Milestone by Shipping its 10,000th Instrument23 Jul 2013Read
IntelliCyt Launches iQue Screener for Multiplexed Screening of Suspension Assays12 Jul 2013Read
Firefly BioWorks Launch Expanded Multiplexed microRNA Assay26 Mar 2013Read
Genalyte Announces CE Mark for Maverick Detection System and Signs on First European Distributors26 Mar 2013Read
Olink Bioscience Launch Scalable Protein Biomarker Assays with Proseek Multiplex12 Mar 2013Read
Agilent Technologies and Applied Proteomics Collaborate to Maximize Capabilities of Highly Multiplexed Protein Assays using Mass Spectrometry8 Mar 2013Read
Phenylbutazone Found in Horsemeat Sold for Food28 Jan 2013Read
TTP Labtech Launches acumen® hci for Rapid Multiplexed Imaging7 Jan 2013Read
DPO™ and TOCE™ Technologies from Seegene to be Licensed to DuPont for Food Safety Testing11 Dec 2012Read

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Interaction Between Immobilized Peptides and Protein from Sera on Cystamine / Glutaraldehyde Functionalized Biochip24 Nov 2014Read
The Role of xMAP® Multiplex Assays in the Development of HPV Vaccines17 Nov 2014Read
The Role of Multiplex Assays in Analyzing the Cytokine Storm7 Nov 2014Read
Cell Multiplexing in Homogeneous Antibody Binding Assays29 Oct 2014Read
MAGPIX® Provides Equivalent Performance to the Luminex® 100/200 in an HPV Vaccination Trial11 Sep 2014Read
Design and Validation of Bioluminescent Assays for 3D Cell Culture Models10 Sep 2014Read
Development of the PowerPlex® Fusion System10 Sep 2014Read
A Multiplex, Automated Approach to Screen for Mitotoxicity in Human Hepatocytes and HepG2 Cells9 Sep 2014Read
Guidelines for Multiplexing using Bio-Rad’s QX100 Droplet Digital PCR System27 Aug 2014Read
Automation of Novel Assays for Cell-Based Multiplexing20 Aug 2014Read


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Korea Lab Outlines Research8 May 2012Watch  
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