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Improving the Consistency and Efficiency of Early Drug Discovery with VIAFLO II from INTEGRA16 Oct 2014Read
Fully Automated Single to Multichannel Liquid Handling
with CyBi®-FeliX
12 Aug 2014Read
Anachem Releases New Ergonomically Advanced E4 XLS+ Multichannel Pipettes17 May 2013Read
Introducing the New Rainin XLS+ Multichannels from Anachem19 Apr 2013Read
Reagent Reservoirs for 96 and 384 Well Pipetting Systems from INTEGRA19 Apr 2013Read
Integra’s New Handheld 384-Channel Pipetting System for Increased Sample Throughput9 Jan 2013Read
Artel Simplifies the Verification of Low-Volume DMSO Dispenses8 Jan 2013Read
Customized Laboratory Automation Solutions - Proven Technologies for Highest Precision and Reliability31 Dec 2012Read
Artel Enhances MVS® for Liquid Handling Quality Assurance30 Jan 2012Read
Multipurpose Liquid Handling Instrument27 Jan 2012Read

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Evaluation of the Eppendorf epMotion Pipetting Tools using the Artel MVS24 Jan 2013Read


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Compact and Flexible Liquid Handling with the CyBi®-FeliX from CyBio20 May 2014Watch  
VIAFLO ASSIST - Your Personal Pipetting Assistant20 Jan 2014Watch  
VOYAGER – Electronic Pipettors with Variable Tip Spacing30 Oct 2013Watch  
DMSO-based Sample Solutions from Artel for Low Volume Dispensing Verification30 Jan 2013Watch  
Increase Sample Throughput with INTEGRA’s Handheld 384-Channel Pipetting System30 Jan 2013Watch  
Product Review: INTEGRA VIAFLO 38430 Jan 2013Watch  
EVOS FL Auto - Innovative Automated Fluorescence Microscopy11 Jan 2013Watch