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New Monoclonal Antibody HPLC Columns from Thermo Fisher Scientific4 Feb 2015Read
Merck Millipore Launches Kit for Analyzing NFкB Translocation by Imaging Flow Cytometry19 Nov 2014Read
Precision Antibody Awarded SBIR Contract to Develop High-Affinity, Anti-Peptide Antibodies for SISCAPA Assays7 Nov 2014Read
Tosoh Bioscience Introduces CaPure-HA, Hydroxyapatite Chromatography Resin for the Purification of Biological Molecules21 Oct 2014Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches Capto™ S ImpAct Cation Exchange Chromatography Medium for Efficient and Flexible Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies26 Sep 2014Read
How to Make Your Own Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) Test in Less Than an Hour18 Sep 2014Read
New Hydrophobic Interaction Column Offers21 Aug 2014Read
New Monoclonal Antibodies to Mumps Virus17 Apr 2014Read
Integral Molecular’s MPS Discovery Engine® Platform Generates P2X3 MAbs for Neuropathic Pain10 Apr 2014Read
AnaSpec Now Offers 5-Hydroxymethyl Cytosine Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 4D9)20 Feb 2014Read

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Structural Comparison of Infliximab and a Biosimilar via Subunit Analysis Using the Waters Biopharmaceutical Platform with UNIFI19 Feb 2015Read
A Universal / Platform Method for Basic cIEF18 Feb 2015Read
High-Throughput, High-Resolution Monoclonal Antibody Analysis with Small Particle Size HPLC Columns17 Feb 2015Read
Highly Sensitive, Robust MS-Based Workflow for Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Analysis from Complex Matrices11 Feb 2015Read
Structure Characterization of Intact Monoclonal Antibody Using an Orbitrap Tribrid Mass Spectrometer6 Feb 2015Read
Peptide Mapping Workflow for the Rapid Characterization of Biologics4 Feb 2015Read
Intact Mass Analysis of Monoclonal Antibody (MAb) Charge Variants Separated Using Linear pH Gradient2 Feb 2015Read
Determine MAb Titers Quickly and Accurately28 Jan 2015Read
Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Using Capillary Electrophoresis-Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry (CE-ESI-MS)23 Jan 2015Read
Characterize Fab and Fc Fragments by Cation-Exchange Chromatography21 Jan 2015Read


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Quick Western Kit - IRDye® 680RD22 May 2012Watch