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New Live Cell, Multiplex Analysis Kits for Hypoxia/ROS and Mitochondrial Dysfunction from Enzo Life Sciences14 Aug 2013Read
Director of Proteomics at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Steven Carr, to Deliver Pittcon 2014 Wallace H. Coulter Plenary Lecture15 May 2013Read
CYTOO’s Adhesive Micropatterns are Cited in More than 30 Scientific Papers12 Mar 2013Read
Cole-Parmer Introduces PBI Shredder SG3 System for a New Method in Sample Preparation31 Oct 2012Read

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Analysis of Skeletal Remains Using Deep mtDNA Sequencing17 Nov 2014Read
A Multiplex, Automated Approach to Screen for Mitotoxicity in Human Hepatocytes and HepG2 Cells9 Sep 2014Read
Normalizing XF Metabolic Data to Cellular or Mitochondrial Parameters4 Sep 2014Read
Metabolic Pathway Determination Using the XF24 Analyzer21 Aug 2014Read
Assessing Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Primary Cardiomyocytes19 Aug 2014Read
Measuring Bioenergetic Profiles of Human Adipocytes19 Aug 2014Read
Bioenergetic Analysis of Primary Neuronal Deficiencies21 May 2014Read
Defining Metabolic Phenotypes in Cancer Cells21 May 2014Read
Mitochondria-targeted Chromanol Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Energy Metabolism and Promotes Cell Death16 Jul 2013Read
Multiplex Detection of Oxidative Phosphorylation as a Mechanistic Indicator for Drug Induced Mitochondrial Toxicity25 Jun 2013Read


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Seahorse XF Analyzer Transient Microchamber26 Nov 2014Watch  
Measuring Energy Pathways with the Seahorse XF Analyzer19 Nov 2014Watch