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See how the New EnSight™ System can Accelerate Your Research at ELRIG Drug Discovery and Miptec27 Aug 2014Read
Cytation™3 Wins MipTec New Product Innovation Award3 Oct 2013Read
Molecular Devices Launches ImageXpress Micro XLS System for Wide-field High Content Screening24 Sep 2013Read
CYTOO’s 2D+ and 3D+ Cell Culture Platform at MipTec 201323 Sep 2013Read
Integrated DNA Technologies shares its expertise in synthetic biology at MipTec 201317 Sep 2013Read
BioTek Features Unique Microplate Instrumentation and Applications at MipTec 201316 Sep 2013Read
Tecan focuses on Drug Discovery Solutions20 Aug 2013Read
See the Flexible, Automated Liquid Handler CyBi®-FeliX in Action20 Aug 2013Read
Corning Life Sciences Now Offers Falcon®, Matrigel® and Axygen® Brands20 Aug 2013Read
Cisbio Bioassays Launches Epigenetics Toolbox25 Sep 2012Read

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The Next Generation Multi-Mode HTS Microplate Reader8 Oct 2012Watch  
Detection and Classification in HTS Compound Libraries8 Oct 2012Watch  
ImageXpress Micro Widefield High Content Screening System8 Oct 2012Watch  
Live Content Imaging Inside Your Incubator8 Oct 2012Watch  
MipTec 2012: An Exhibitor’s Perspective8 Oct 2012Watch  
Is it Still Possible to Build a FIBCO? The Story of Regeneron8 Oct 2012Watch  
Next Generation Sequencing for Clinical and Research Genomics8 Oct 2012Watch  
Product Review: TruSeq Small RNA Sample Preparation Kits8 Oct 2012Watch  
MipTec 2012 Show Overview8 Oct 2012Watch  
Current Challenges in Protein Expression8 Oct 2012Watch