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Bioo Scientific Launches Rapid Test Strips for Analysis of Fluoroquinolone in Milk and Meat Samples12 Oct 2012Read
Avermectins Multi-Analyte Screening Array and ELISA Available21 Sep 2012Read
Delta CombiScope FTIR 600 Dairy Analyzer, Fast and Accurate Dairy Analyzer3 Jul 2012Read

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Application of the Agilent 4500 Series FTIR to the Stable Isotope Technique for Assessing Intake of Human Milk in Breastfed Infants5 Sep 2014Read
Protein in Yogurt, Dumas Method3 Sep 2014Read
Reduction of Matrix Effect using LC-MS/MS with Online Extraction for Quantitation of Antibiotics in Milk1 Sep 2014Read
Choline in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals, a Single Laboratory Validation8 Aug 2014Read
Determination of Eight Estrogens in Milk by UHPLC and the Agilent 6495 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer5 Aug 2014Read
Detection of Egg and Milk Allergens in Baked Foodstuffs10 Jun 2014Read
A Rapid iMethod™ Test for Analysis of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid in Milk10 Jun 2014Read
LC/MS/MS Analysis of Melamine in Liquid Milk and Milk Powder with Bond Elut Plexa PCX9 May 2014Read
Milk Adulteration with Melamine – Screening, Testing and Real-Time Detection1 Oct 2013Read
Milk Authenticity – Organic v. Non-organic3 Apr 2013Read


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Identifying Contaminants in Food and Environmental Samples15 Oct 2012Watch