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BioTek Introduces 2nd Generation Cytation Imaging Reader1 Dec 2014Read
Top Life Sciences News this Month28 Nov 2014Read
25 Years of Revolutionary Microplate Reader Technology at SLAS 201525 Nov 2014Read
Winner Announced in the First Annual Norman R. Alpert Research Prize3 Oct 2014Read
BioTek Instruments to Showcase Microplate Technologies Range at ELRIG Drug Discovery22 Aug 2014Read
New Epoch™ 2 Provides Enhanced User Interface for Spectral Absorbance Detection2 Jul 2014Read
Walkaway operation and around the clock monitoring for Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 PRO17 Apr 2014Read
Cytation™3 Wins MipTec New Product Innovation Award3 Oct 2013Read
The New & Exciting CLARIOstar Multi-mode Microplate Reader at Biotechnica 201323 Sep 2013Read
BioTek Features Unique Microplate Instrumentation and Applications at MipTec 201316 Sep 2013Read

  Application Articles

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BRET1-Assay Using the FDSS/µCELL Imaging Plate Reader11 Dec 2014Read
HTRF cAMP HiRange Assay on SpectraMax Multi-Mode Microplate Readers from Molecular Devices28 Oct 2014Read
Exposing Cells to a Single Pulse of Light of User-Defined Wavelength and Duration Using the FDSS60006 Jan 2014Read
Validation And Comparison Of Single-Step Flash And Dual-Spectral Luciferase Reporter Gene Assays Using The Synergy™ Line Of Microplate Readers21 Oct 2013Read
Measuring Marker Expression with Imaging Cytometry on a Plate Reader30 Jul 2013Read
Multiplexed Assay for IL-6 Secretion and Cell Viability Using an Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cell Line17 Apr 2013Read
Low Cost Solution for PAMPA Assays - Using the Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer with pION's PAMPA Explorer™ for the In-vitro Drug Permeability Studies16 Dec 2011Read


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Cytation 5 Imaging Multi-Mode Reader18 Nov 2014Watch  
Synergy Neo HTS Multi-Mode Microplate Reader for Screening and Live-Cells Assays15 Oct 2014Watch  
BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES Unique Microplate Reader for Cellular and Biochemical Assays7 Apr 2014Watch  
Innovative Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform with TUNE Technology4 Jan 2013Watch