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Trinean to be Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Its Quality Management System3 Feb 2015Read
Dolomite’s Resealable Chip Interface Offers Easy Access to Microfluidic Chip Surface11 Nov 2014Read
Sony DADC to Supply Microfluidic Disposables for Trinean’s High Throughput DropSense96™ Spectrometers and Xpose™ Touch&Go Sample QC Analyzer1 Apr 2014Read
Malvern Instruments Webinar Introduces New m-VROCi for Industrial Viscosity Measurements28 Mar 2014Read
Malvern Instruments at analytica 201424 Mar 2014Read
Rheonix to Highlight Revolutionary Channel-Free Microfluidic Device at TriCon5 Feb 2014Read
SCHOTT Introduces a Variety of Glass Substrates for Use in Biotechnology4 Feb 2014Read
Protea Introduces the GPR-850 Gel Protein Recovery System31 Jan 2014Read
BioDot Launches BioJet Elite™ Dispensing Technology27 Jan 2014Read
BioDot to Host Hands-On Workshop: “Microfluidics Regenerated: New Approaches, Applications, and Enabling Technologies”27 Jan 2014Read

  Application Articles

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Precision, Valveless Metering Pumps for Low & Micro-Volume Fluid Control21 May 2014Read
m-VROCi Technology and Measurement7 Mar 2014Read
Analysis of Single-Cell Transcriptomes Reveals Gene Expression States that Define Cellular Subpopulations22 Aug 2013Read
Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Neural Progenitor Cells and Neurons on Microfluidic Chips19 Aug 2013Read
Enabling Technologies for Low Volume Dispensing24 Jun 2013Read
Cardiovascular: Platelet – Thrombosis – Adhesion Assay1 May 2013Read
Respiratory: Eosinophil – Inflammation – Adhesion Assay26 Apr 2013Read
DropSense96 and its DropPlates - A Versatile Tool for Nucleic Acid and Protein Droplet Quantification6 Feb 2013Read
Natural Gas Analysis: A Simplified Approach for the Analysis of Permanent Gases and Hydrocarbons in Natural Gas by Capillary Chromatography and Deans Switch28 Nov 2012Read
An Automated, Quantitative High-Content Cell-Based Imaging Assay for Chemotaxis17 May 2012Read


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Kima Pump and Biochips: electrophysiology / patch-clamping studies 12 Jul 2013Watch  
How to use the Ipod Touch Controlled Kima Pump and Biochips from Cellix10 Jul 2013Watch  
The VenaT4™ Biochip from Cellix for Chemotaxis, Transmigration and Invasion Assays22 Feb 2013Watch  
C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System - Single Cell Genomics Made Easy10 Jan 2013Watch  
Biosensor and Biochip Dispensing8 Jan 2013Watch  
High-Speed, Micro-Volume Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantification8 Jan 2013Watch  
Syringe-based Droplet Starter System Set Up and Operation18 Jul 2012Watch