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Determination of Methylamine in11 Oct 2013Read
Enzo Life Sciences Expands Its Epigenetics Portfolio to Include DNA Methylation Analysis23 Sep 2013Read
Leading Epigenetics Labs Across the World Contribute to Successful Beta Trial of Cambridge Epigenetix’s TrueMethyl™ Kit4 Sep 2013Read
Researchers Identify Diagenode Kit as Industry-Leading Solution for Studying Global DNA Methylation15 May 2013Read
LifeTech TaqMan Integrates with Genedata Expressionist for Genomic Profiling26 Nov 2012Read

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Detection of HMT PRMT1 with the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay16 Dec 2014Read
Z’ Determination with the Transzyme Methyltransferase Assay Kit7 Nov 2014Read
Inhibitor Dose Response Measurement with the Transzyme Methyltransferase Assay Kit31 Oct 2014Read
Epigeneous™ H3K27Me3 Cellular Assay for Measuring Epigenetic Methylation8 Sep 2014Read
Automated, High Throughput, HTRF®-Based Detection of Histone Methyltransferase and Demethylase Enzyme Activity3 Oct 2013Read
Cambridge Epigenetix TrueMethyl™ Beta Trial4 Sep 2013Read
Three Optimized Workflows for CpG Island Methylation Profiling20 Aug 2013Read
From Minuscule Amounts to Magnificent Results: Reliable ChIP-seq Data from 10,000 cells with True MicroChIP™ and MicroPlex Library Preparation™ Kits17 Jul 2013Read
Agilent SureSelectXT Human Methyl-Seq for the Quantitative Analysis of DNA Methylation with Single-Base Resolution17 Jul 2013Read
Rapid and Reliable Methylation Detection in Archival Tissue Samples using High-Resolution Melting Analysis28 Jun 2013Read


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