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Exclusive Webinar Highlights: Increasing Efficiency of Method Validation with Waters Empower 3® Method Validation Manager (MVM)11 Dec 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Launches New Triple Quadrupole GC/MS4 Sep 2013Read
Phenomenex Introduce New “Wall Art” SPE Method Development Posters11 Mar 2013Read
New Method Empowers Fluorescence Microscopy9 Nov 2012Read
Ultra-Fast-Scanning, UV/Visible HPLC Detector, for HPLC Bio-Separations14 Jun 2012Read
Intelligent System Emulation for LC Methods10 Apr 2012Read
New Column Toolbox Simplifying your LC Methods28 Mar 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Generation of a Standard Curve Based Custom Method Using the NanoDrop 2000/2000c: Lowry Assay Case Study22 Jan 2015Read
Fast Screening Methods for Steroids by HPLC with Agilent Poroshell 120 Columns19 Jan 2015Read
Solutions for Mass Spectrometric Detection from Merck Millipore6 Nov 2014Read
Understanding Sample Complexity and Improving Quantitative Data Quality Using RADAR™27 Oct 2014Read
1-day Chromatrap® Spin Column Assay for Rapid ChIP Analyses24 Oct 2014Read
Automated Purification and Analytical Reinjection of a Small Molecule Drug, Probenecid, on a Gilson LC/MS Dual Function System24 Sep 2014Read
Quick DNA Extraction from Rice Seed (Wet)24 Sep 2014Read
Transferring the USP Assay of Zidovudine Using CORTECS 2.7 μm Columns23 Sep 2014Read
Automation of AOAC 970.16 Bitterness of Malt Beverages and AOAC 976.08 Color of Beer through Unique Software Control of Common Laboratory Instruments with Real-Time Decision Making and Analysis22 Sep 2014Read
In-situ Monitoring of a Moisture-Induced Polymorphic Transition using Raman Spectroscopy and Gravimetric Vapor Sorption17 Sep 2014Read


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Mastersizer 3000 Smarter Particle Sizing 8 Sep 2014Watch  
Simple Approaches to SPE Method Development21 Aug 2014Watch  
Intelligent Small Volume SPE20 Feb 2013Watch  
Rapid, Automated Sample Prep6 Mar 2012Watch