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JPK Reports on the Studies of Adhesion Forces Between Cancer Cells at the Institute of Physiology II at the University of Münster, Germany20 Feb 2014Read
Bruker and SCiLS GmbH Announce an Exclusive Partnership for SCiLS Lab Software for MALDI Imaging15 May 2013Read
Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Cancer Biomarker Assays21 Nov 2012Read
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Technology Facilitates Cancer Metastasis Research13 Nov 2012Read

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Human Breast Cancer Metastases to the Brain Display Human Breast Cancer Metastases to the Brain Display GABAergic Properties in the Neural Niche16 Feb 2014Read
The C-DiGit Blot Scanner Used in Breast Cancer Metastases Investigations13 Jan 2014Read
Quantitative Pre-clinical Fluorescence Imaging of Cancer Metastasis24 Jul 2013Read
Cancer Research and Proteomics24 Jul 2013Read
Leukocyte Transmigration18 Jul 2013Read
The use of High-Content Analysis Enables a High-Throughput Wound Healing Assay for Cancer Research11 Jul 2013Read
Development of Angiogenesis and Cancer cell Invasion assays in Microfluidic Flow Cells for Use with Real-Time Microscopy27 Jun 2013Read
Cancer and Metastasis Signaling Pathways24 Jun 2013Read
Sensitive Detection of Tumor Cells in Peripheral Blood of Carcinoma Patients by a Reverse Transcription PCR Method20 Jun 2013Read
Assaying Barrier Function Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells7 Jun 2013Read


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BioFLECT™ In Vivo Preclinical Imager 19 Oct 2009Watch

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