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Breakthrough Melanoma Treatment, Keytruda, Developed Using Antibody Humanization Expertise at UK’s MRC Technology9 Sep 2014Read
Genetic Mutations Warn of Skin Cancer Risk2 Apr 2014Read
PointMan™ Enriches Low-Level DNA Mutations from Whole Blood23 Jan 2014Read
Michelson Diagnostics Wins Regulatory Approval for VivoSight OCT Scanner in Australia10 Jun 2013Read
MRC Technology Highlights Presentation of Data for Lambrolizumab Developed Using its Humanization Technology6 Jun 2013Read
Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Technology Facilitates Cancer Metastasis Research13 Nov 2012Read
FDA Approves Roche’s Companion Diagnostic Test for Melanoma Mutation12 Feb 2012Read

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Hyperspectral Imaging for Clinical Diagnosis18 Sep 2014Read
Metastatic Movement of Melanoma Cell Line using VenaT4 Biochip under Flow Conditions11 Oct 2013Read
Phenotyping of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Melanoma using Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry and Automated Tissue Analysis15 Jul 2013Read
Oncology: Melanoma – Metastasis1 May 2013Read
A Robust Method for the Analysis of Commonly Used Sunscreen Compounds for Compliance with New FDA Regulations19 Nov 2012Read
Investigating Cell Adhesion in Melanoma Progression9 Oct 2012Read
In-Vivo Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Melanoma Graft Imaging in C57BL/6J Mice5 Oct 2012Read


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