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How Safe is your Thanksgiving Turkey?24 Nov 2014Read
New LC/MS/MS-Based Method for Halal Meat Authenticity Testing from AB Sciex Reassures Consumers of No Pig or Horse Contamination29 Jan 2014Read
Research by Randox Food Diagnostics Demonstrates Benefits of using Specific Tests to Detect Sulphonamide Residues in Meat5 Nov 2013Read
Trade disputes Create Strong Demand for beta-agonist Diagnostics4 Jul 2013Read
Bioo Scientific Launches Service Testing Food and Feed for Ractopamine Contamination2 Jul 2013Read
Real-Time PCR Assay Awarded OMA Status for Detecting Salmonella in a Variety of Food30 Apr 2013Read
New DNA Test Cuts Time to Find Horsemeat in Food from Two Days to Less than Four Hours30 Apr 2013Read
Semi-Quantitative Determination of Zilpaterol in Beef Tissue Samples15 Apr 2013Read
Life Technologies & IMEGEN Develop Fast and Accurate Full Solution Horse DNA Test for Meat Products3 Apr 2013Read
RETSCH Mills Used to Grind Entire Packaging Units at Eurofins Laboratories19 Mar 2013Read

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Quick and Sensitive Analysis of Multiclass Veterinary Drug Residues in Meat, Plasma, and Milk on a Q Exactive Focus LC-MS System15 Dec 2014Read
Development and Validation of Fast Screening Process to Detect Presence of Porcine in Animal Feed Using PerkinElmer's Porcine Detection Kit for Processed Meat25 Sep 2014Read
A Simple Sampling Technique for the Analysis of VOCs Released from Packaged Meat4 Aug 2014Read
A Rapid iMethod™ Test for the Analysis of Penicillin in Meat9 Jun 2014Read
QuEChERS Sample Preparation for LC-MS/MS Determination of Avermectins in Meat and Milk21 May 2014Read
PulsarTM Benchtop NMR for Food Authenticity Screening16 May 2014Read
Iron and Magnesium Determination in Meat using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy29 Apr 2014Read
Can LC-MS/MS Be Used in Horse Meat Detection?28 Apr 2014Read
Species Determination for Meat Using PCR-RFLP Analysis on the Qiaxcel® System8 Dec 2013Read
Detect Phenylbutazone in Horsemeat Faster26 Apr 2013Read


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Speciation Detection using Next Generation Sequencing 2 Jun 2014Watch  
Determining Beef Adulteration using IR Spectroscopy5 May 2014Watch