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New LIAISON® Ixt/Arrow CellSep Advanced Provides Rapid, Automated Cell Separation for up to Three Cell Types29 Apr 2014Read
Promega Introduces Magne Protein A Beads for Antibody Purification8 Jan 2013Read
Lab M Launches IMS Product for Isolation of E.coli O1043 Dec 2012Read
Magnetic Beads Developed for Proteomic Applications28 Nov 2011Read

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Simple Enrichment of Phosphopeptides using TiO2 Magnetic Neads25 Jul 2013Read
Bio-Plex Suspension Array System20 Jun 2013Read
Correlation of Angiogenesis Biomarkers with Early Metastatic Progression in NSCLC as Determined using a Multiplexed Immunoassay Kit17 May 2013Read
Good Correlation between Measured Cytokine Levels using Multiplexed Bead-based Detection and ELISA Platforms13 May 2013Read
AxyPrep™ Mag PCR Clean-Up Effectively and Efficiently Isolates PCR Contaminants from Product3 May 2013Read
Comparison of the sbeadex® Forensic Kit with Three Other Chemistries used in Forensic Labs1 May 2013Read
Composite Profiling of Angiogenic Factors Using Bio-Plex Pro Human Cancer Biomarker Panel 130 Jan 2013Read
Overcoming the Cost and Performance Limitations of ELISA with Bio-Plex Multiplex Readers22 Jan 2013Read
Sequencing Reaction Clean-up CleanSEQ® System on the Xiril Robotic Workstation17 May 2012Read


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Magnetic Assays Tutorial: Using the Hand Held Magnet 12 Jul 2013Watch  
Simplified Processing with the Axygen® IMAG™ 12-T Separation Device20 Sep 2012Watch