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High Throughput Avanti JXN-30 Expands Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Centrifugation Range13 Jan 2015Read
Hamamatsu Introduces Radiation Line Sensor for Non-Invasive Inspection of Pipe Wall Thinning in Industrial Plants17 Nov 2014Read
Air Science USA Introduces New Mobile Ductless Fume Hood25 Sep 2014Read
NEW Safety Enhanced Laboratory Gas Burners9 Sep 2014Read
Protect Personnel from Chemical Vapors20 Aug 2014Read
STARLAB’s New StarGuard Gloves are Proven to Reduce the Potential for Contact Dermatitis10 Jul 2014Read
Bio-Rad Introduces a Compact Biosafety System for the S3™ Cell Sorter23 Jun 2014Read
Odour Free Sample Evaporation with New Technology from Genevac13 Jun 2014Read
New Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets from Air Science10 Jun 2014Read
JULABO and the 'World of Temperature' at analytica 201418 Mar 2014Read

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Pipetting Comfort27 Aug 2014Read
Five Tips to Optimize Biological Safety Cabinet Operation20 Aug 2014Read
Diffusion-Locking Technology6 Aug 2014Read
Benefits and Risks of (UV) Ultraviolet Radiation3 Jul 2014Read
Ten Tips for Working in Your Biological Safety Cabinet4 Jun 2014Read
Myths and Misconceptions of Ductless Fume Hoods19 Mar 2014Read
Intrinsically Safe Solutions: Accurate Weighing in Hazardous Areas25 Sep 2013Read
Whitepaper: “Good Laboratory Practice” - What is behind all this?10 Sep 2013Read
When Should We Replace Our Biological Safety Cabinets5 Sep 2013Read
Impact of Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Downflow Velocity on Cross Contamination30 Oct 2012Read


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Increase Throughput with the 6808 Vial Extractor from SPEX SamplePrep18 Dec 2014Watch  
Callisto 100 Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester1 Dec 2014Watch  
The Effectiveness of the Whitley HEPA Filtration System18 Nov 2014Watch  
Clean Chemistry Tools 28 Aug 2014Watch  
Vial Crimping Made Easy 21 Aug 2014Watch  
Sterilwave – An Innovative On-Site Solution to Your Bio-Hazardous Waste Management28 Apr 2014Watch  
Corrosive-Free Polypropylene Fume Hoods from NuAire13 Mar 2014Watch  
Ensure Biological Safety with the Latest Cabinets from NuAire24 Apr 2013Watch  
Biological Safety Cabinet Maintenance and Certification from NuAire11 Apr 2013Watch