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Restek Begins Transition to GHS Labeling11 Dec 2014Read
METTLER TOLEDO Launches All in One Printers for Lab Instruments1 May 2014Read
New Vial Identification System Designed to Eliminate Costly Labeling Errors and Boost Productivity7 Apr 2014Read
Bio-Rad Introduces ReadiLink Antibody Labeling Kits3 Mar 2014Read
LI-COR Introduces Custom Dye Labeling Services9 Aug 2013Read
VolitionRx to use Innova Biosciences’ Biotin Technology in its Epigenetic Research Kits23 Jul 2013Read
LI-COR VRDye Secondary Antibodies for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Now Available15 Jul 2013Read
New 10-Plate Petri Dish Racks and Coloured Tags from Don Whitley Scientific18 Jun 2013Read
Cambridge Research Biochemicals adds QuickAllAssay™ Lanthanide labeling reagents to its product range14 Feb 2013Read
New LudgerTag™ 2AB and 2AA Glycan Labeling Kits with Non Toxic Reductant5 Dec 2012Read

  Application Articles

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IRDye® Peptide Labeling with Odyssey® Imaging Systems29 Oct 2014Read
ICPL Labeling in Functional Proteomics Experiments: Substrate Identification of the Extracellular Protease ADAMTS1 using SDS-PAGE LC-MS/MS3 Sep 2014Read
A Method of NIR fluorescent Cell-Labeling for in vivo Cell Tracking29 Aug 2014Read
Evaluation of DNA Labeling Kits for Enhanced Microarray Results23 Apr 2014Read
Preclinical Evaluation of Mab CC188 for Ovarian Cancer Imaging17 Jan 2014Read
An In Vivo Non-Invasive Method to Determine Glomerular Filtration Rate19 Aug 2013Read
Fragment-Based Drug Discovery: Comparing Labeled and Label-Free Screening of β-Amyloid Secretase (BACE-1) Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Ultrafast SPE/MS/MS13 Feb 2013Read
Micro-Volume Determination of Labeling Efficiency Using Spectral Scanning Analysis in a Standard Microplate Reader12 Feb 2013Read


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LI-COR Custom Services - Custom Labeling and Synthesis10 Sep 2014Watch