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AMSBIO Announces Ready-to-Use Lentivirus for miRNA Expression and Inhibition3 Feb 2014Read
Neutron Studies of HIV Inhibitors Reveal New Areas for Improvement in Drug Design to Enhance Performance, Combat Resistance and Reduce Dosage13 Aug 2013Read
PRECOS to Showcase Preclinical Oncology Service Portfolio at the AACR Annual Meeting 20135 Apr 2013Read
Sigma® Life Science Announces the Launch of Tough Decoy (TuD) miRNA Inhibitors15 Feb 2013Read
World's First FDA Cleared ALK Automated Gene Scanner for Lung Cancer Therapy-Selection Available from ASI14 Feb 2013Read
Domainex Researchers Identify Small-Molecule Inhibitors of TBK1/IKKepsilon Affecting IL-17 Signaling5 Nov 2012Read

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Direct Detection of RGS GAP Activity Using the RGScreen™ Platform to Discover Small Molecule Inhibitors for RGS Proteins22 Dec 2014Read
Amyloid-β Binding Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ABAD), Estradiol and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease19 Dec 2014Read
Detection of Glycosyltransferase Activities with Homogeneous Bioluminescent UDP Detection Assay10 Sep 2014Read
Comparison of Chemical Inhibitors versus Genetic Knock-Out Cell Models for Identification of PGP and BCRP Substrates in Caco-2 Cell Lines5 Sep 2014Read
The Analysis of Inhibitor, Extraction Agent and Dimer in Butadiene by On-column Chromatography with the DVLS LGI Injector5 Sep 2014Read
Capturing Native Protein States in Real-Time Using a Novel MS-Compatible Phosphatase and Protease Inhibitor Formulation12 May 2014Read
ADP-Glo™ Kinase Profiling Systems for Targeted and Flexible Kinase Inhibitor Profiling6 Feb 2014Read
Development Of A Multiplex High Throughput Screening Assay Cascade For Evaluating Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Binding And Activation.11 Oct 2013Read
High Throughput Cell Adhesion: Screening of VLA-4 Antagonists Under Physiological Shear Flow Conditions14 May 2013Read
Miniaturization of Cytochrome P450 Time-dependent Inhibition Screening Using the Echo® Liquid Handler2 May 2013Read


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