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Diagnostics Leader Delivers New Fertility Service for UK27 Nov 2014Read
Viewpoint Laboratories to Bundle Dark Reader Transilluminators with New Polaroid Gel Camera systems29 Jul 2014Read
Hepregen Announces Publication of Several Scientific Papers Providing Evidence of the Unprecedented Utility of Its Hepatopac™ Products17 Feb 2014Read
Medicyte GmbH Signs Agreement with Life Technologies to Develop Next Generation Upcyte® Cells27 Mar 2013Read
A Novel Microfluidic Device for Advanced Cell Immobilization and Observation12 Dec 2011Read

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Automated Media Exchange in the 3D in vitro Pannus-Model with the CyBi®-Disk Workstation Using 96-Well Plate Format11 Nov 2014Read
Utilizing Two High Content Screening Assays; HCS-Phospholipidosis and HCS-Lysosomal Trapping and In Silico Modeling Approaches in Predicting In Vivo Phospholipidosis4 Sep 2014Read
Evaluation of Species and Tissue-Dependent Differences Observed in Carboxylesterase Metabolism: Application to Pro-Drug Studies3 Sep 2014Read
Enhancement of Proliferation in a Novel Rat Hepatocyte Co-Culture Model after Mitogenic Stimulation3 Sep 2014Read
Be Careful What You Ask for: Challenges of Predicting Human Clearance for a Low Metabolic Turnover Compound, ELND00621 Aug 2014Read
Preclinical Evaluation of Mab CC188 for Ovarian Cancer Imaging17 Jan 2014Read
Validation of a Novel Tumoroid-Based Cell Culture Model to Perform 3D in vitro Cell Signaling Analyses4 Dec 2013Read
Applicability of Function Tested RealTime ready Assays for Gene Expression Analysis in Biomarker Research and Early Drug Development27 Jun 2013Read
Using High Content Imaging to Automate the in vitro Micronucleus Assay: Analysis of CHO-K1 and Balb/3T3 in the Presence and Absence of Cytochalasin B13 Feb 2012Read


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Quantitating 3D Culture Assays in High Throughput13 Aug 2014Watch