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Top Life Sciences News this Month28 Nov 2014Read
UK-Based Aquila-Histoplex to Provide ACD’s Industry-Leading RNA ISH17 Nov 2014Read
MicroMatrices Announces Partnership Agreement with Advanced Cell Diagnostics for Preclinical Use of RNA ISH12 Nov 2014Read
EMD Millipore's New SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System for Immunohistochemistry Minimizes Slide Handling4 Nov 2014Read
Take EMD Millipore’s Research Survival Challenge at Neuroscience 20143 Nov 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches the Immunostain NIMBUS, a Compact Workstation Designed to Accelerate Immunofluorescent Staining20 Jan 2014Read
Applied Spectral Imaging and Biocare Medical Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Solutions for Immunohistochemistry12 Dec 2013Read
Abcam’s New Alexa Fluor Secondary Antibodies Provide Increased Selection for Multi-Color Staining4 Nov 2013Read
Histology Image Analysis Provider OracleBio to Showcase Their Xenograft Evaluation Services at the Tumor Models Conference24 Jul 2013Read
LI-COR VRDye Secondary Antibodies for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Now Available15 Jul 2013Read

  Application Articles

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A Novel Method for Streamlined Immunohistochemistry8 Oct 2014Read
Development of a Validated High Throughput ELISA Assay for γ-H2AX as a Pharmacodynamic Marker7 Aug 2014Read
Dynamic Gap Staining: A New IHC Staining Technology12 Mar 2014Read
Automated DNA Purification from Buccal Swabs for qPCR and HLA Typing assays13 Nov 2013Read
Imaging of Single Cell Gene Expression via In Situ RT-PCR on the Mastercycler® nexus flat24 Oct 2013Read
Phenotyping of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Melanoma using Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry and Automated Tissue Analysis15 Jul 2013Read
Detecting Phenotypical Subgroups in Breast Cancer using Multiplexed Protein Expression Analysis in Intact Tissue Sections16 May 2013Read
Quantitating Protein Expression in Intact Tissue Sections for Cancer Research9 May 2013Read


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Process All Your Slides in a SNAP for Streamlined IHC3 Dec 2014Watch  
SNAP i.d. 2.0 System for Immunohistochemistry10 Sep 2014Watch  
Ventana Discovery XT Ensures Reliable Immunohistochemistry Services at ProPath UK Limited11 Feb 2014Watch