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Abcam Introduces Exclusive Range of Highly Validated Antibody Conjugates3 Sep 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches the Immunostain NIMBUS, a Compact Workstation Designed to Accelerate Immunofluorescent Staining20 Jan 2014Read
Creating Perfect Growth Conditions with Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO22 Aug 2013Read
LI-COR VRDye Secondary Antibodies for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Now Available15 Jul 2013Read
First Class Secondary Antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch Europe Ltd7 Sep 2012Read
Online Immunofluorescence Guide for Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis17 May 2012Read
Quidel’s Influenza Test Receives FDA Clearance7 Nov 2011Read

  Application Articles

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iCell® Cardiomyocytes – Immunofluorescent Labeling Application Protocol17 Jul 2013Read
Multiplexed High Content Screening Assays for Cell Cycle Analysis and Cytotoxicity Profiling28 Jun 2013Read
Micro-Volume Determination of Labeling Efficiency Using Spectral Scanning Analysis in a Standard Microplate Reader12 Feb 2013Read
Histology Series Part 2 – Processing 3D Cultures for Immunofluorescence15 Mar 2012Read
Multi-color Immunofluorescence in Brain Tissue Using Primary Antibodies Raised in the Same Host Species22 Nov 2011Read


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Introducing the Lamina™ Multilabel Slide Scanner26 Aug 2014Watch  
Advanced Automated Systems for IFA slides, Blot Strips and ELISA27 Nov 2012Watch