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Don Whitley Scientific Launches New Workstation for Seahorse Analyzers18 Nov 2014Read
Reprogramming of Somatic Cells to Pluripotency Under Low O2 Conditions7 Nov 2014Read
New Live Cell, Multiplex Analysis Kits for Hypoxia/ROS and Mitochondrial Dysfunction from Enzo Life Sciences14 Aug 2013Read
HEPA Filtration for the H35 Hypoxystation from Don Whitely Scientific21 May 2013Read
Three-port Hypoxystation Launched by Don Whitley Scientific Limited10 May 2013Read
Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Controller Ideal for Hypoxia and Hyperoxia Live-Cell Imaging Experiments19 Nov 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture in the New Brunswick™ Galaxy® 170 R CO2 Incubator under Hypoxic Conditions24 Feb 2015Read
Hypoxic Cell Culture in the New Brunswick™ Galaxy® 170R Incubator: Normal Growth, Morphological Changes13 Feb 2015Read
Preserving and Reporting the Cellular Experience of Hypoxic Environments2 Feb 2015Read
Novel Tumor Model for the Characterization of Ovarian Cancer Spheroids15 Dec 2014Read
Induction and Inhibition Studies of Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress in Immortalized Keratinocytes23 Aug 2013Read
Development of High Quality MSC and NSC for Human Disease Research21 Aug 2013Read
Multi-modal imaging of metabolic pathways in head & neck cancer26 Jul 2013Read


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Importance of Culturing Cells in Hypoxia8 Jan 2015Watch  
Dr. Daniel Martin: Xtreme Everest Research at MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre14 Jun 2013Watch  
Atmospheric Control for Microplates17 Mar 2012Watch