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Precellys® Evolution, the New Super Homogenizer18 Sep 2014Read
New Hotplate Stirrer from Labnet16 Sep 2014Read
Diagenode Introduces Innovative Bioruptor® Pico for Micro-Volume Chromatin and DNA Shearing15 May 2013Read
RETSCH Mills Used to Grind Entire Packaging Units at Eurofins Laboratories19 Mar 2013Read
The GRINDOMIX GM 300 used for Cannabis Analyses at the Regional Office of Criminal Investigation in Germany14 Mar 2013Read
New ParticleTrack E25 from Mettler Toledo Provides Accessible Inline Characterization31 Jan 2013Read
MP Biomedicals to Showcase Extensive Life Science Portfolio at ASCB 20124 Dec 2012Read
The Ultra-Effective FRITSCH Mini-Mill PULVERISETTE 2313 Sep 2012Read

  Application Articles

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The Benefits of the Geno/Grinder High-Throughput Tissue Homogenizer to Increase Sample Throughput for Pesticide Residue Analysis by LC/MS/MS17 Dec 2014Read
Performances Study Standard Palletank® Cubical Jacketed (PED) for Mixing 50L, 200L, 650L5 Dec 2014Read
Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms in Food and Feed26 Nov 2014Read
Guide to Choosing an Homogenizer Probe11 Nov 2014Read
Mechanical Disruption for High-Throughput Fatty Acid Extraction from Animal Tissue Samples3 Nov 2014Read
Extraction of Nucleic Acids from Sugar Beet Leaves6 Oct 2014Read
Compound Extraction from Whole Lung of Rats with Precellys®24 Dual – 7 ml Vial19 Sep 2014Read
Quality and Process Assurance of Clean Room Concepts with the use of the PULVERISETTE 2317 Sep 2014Read
Evaluating the Efficacy and Reproducibility of Automated Homogenization Technologies16 Jun 2014Read
Budding Yeast Homogenization: Reproducible Protein Extracts with Protein Function Retained11 Jun 2014Read


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Precellys® Evolution, SUPER Homogenizer19 Sep 2014Watch  
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2020 Geno/Grinder®: Automated Homogenizer and Cell Lyser 14 May 2014Watch  
Introducing the Precellys® 24 Homogenizer15 Aug 2013Watch  
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