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Sakura Finetek Introduces the World’s First Automated and Programmable Microtome22 Oct 2014Read
Sakura Finetek Enhances the Fastest Stainer & Coverslippers in the Market24 Mar 2014Read
Freeze Tissue Samples Quickly and Reliably with New Easy-to-Use Histology Products from PolyScience3 Oct 2013Read
Thermo Scientific Launches New Automated Stainer for High Throughput Histology Staining20 Aug 2013Read
Flagship Biosciences Reports on Issues Faced by High Altitude Histology Laboratories Using Protocols Designed for Lower Elevations24 Jul 2013Read
Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems Strengthen Market Position in Brazil23 Apr 2013Read
Leica Biosystems and Synthon Biopharmaceuticals Partner to Develop a Companion Diagnostic Program for Targeted Cancer Therapies3 Apr 2013Read
New Comprehensive Special Stains Platform Announced20 Mar 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Color Calibration of Digital Brightfield Microscope Images Using Colorimetry with a Color Standard Slide27 Jan 2015Read
Laboratory Service Provider Propath uses Ultralow Temperature Freezer with Multi-Stage Security Concept for Sample Storage23 Sep 2014Read
An Automated Profiling Application using a Direct, Cell-Based, Target-Compound Interaction Assay for G9a Histone Methyltransferase and Bromodomain Proteins2 Feb 2013Read
Histology Series Part 1 - Choosing the Right Fixative to Preserve 3D Cell Cultures15 Mar 2012Read
Histology Series Part 2 – Processing 3D Cultures for Immunofluorescence15 Mar 2012Read
Histology Series Part 3 – Processing 3D Cultures for Haematoxylin and Eosin Staining15 Mar 2012Read
Histology Series Part 4 – Processing 3D Cultures for Resin Embedding and Toulidine Blue Staining15 Mar 2012Read


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Unmatched Productivity and Turnaround Time with the Prisma® & Coverslipper HQplus24 Mar 2014Watch