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The Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader: Trends in Phenotypic Screening and Live-Cell Assays: An Interview with Dr. Peter Banks, BioTek5 Feb 2015Read
Freeslate Integrates the DropSense96™ for Biologics Quantification on its Biologics Formulation System20 Jan 2015Read
GATC Biotech Lifts Next Generation Sequencing Services to the Next Level with NGSelect™5 Dec 2014Read
Toshiba Corporation Selects Affymetrix Axiom Platform for Its Newly Launched Genotyping Service in Japan2 Dec 2014Read
25 Years of Revolutionary Microplate Reader Technology at SLAS 201525 Nov 2014Read
Fluorescence-Based Mitochondria / Metabolism Assays14 Nov 2014Read
Molecular Devices Partners with Roche to Develop Custom Ruthenium Nano-TRF® Detection Platform3 Nov 2014Read
5 Top Tips for the Perfect High-Throughput Screening Lab29 Oct 2014Read
Cleaver Scientific Has Introduced the Innovative New COMPAC-50 High Throughput COMET Assay System3 Oct 2014Read
New CombiCult® Technology is Set to Transform the Regenerative Medicine Research Landscape26 Sep 2014Read

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A Novel Homogenous Potassium Ion Channel Assay for High-Throughput Screening4 Mar 2015Read
Miniaturization of High Throughput Flow Assays for 384-Well Low Volume and 1536-Well Plates: Detection of Multiplexed Analytes in 6 µL Assays with the iQue Screener and MultiCyt QBeads3 Mar 2015Read
Miniaturized Kinetic Live-Cell Imaging Assays in 384-well Format24 Feb 2015Read
Label-Free Detection of Compound Aggregation Using Corning® Epic® Technology17 Feb 2015Read
Fast Kinetics Enzyme Assay: High-Throughput Screening of Prolyl Isomerase Inhibitors17 Feb 2015Read
Corning® Epic® Cell-Based Assays: Development of a Label-Free Cell-Based Assay for Protein Kinase C Inhibition3 Feb 2015Read
Cell-Based Fluorescence Assay for Selectivity Evaluation between Two Na+ Channel Subtypes2 Feb 2015Read
CellPlayer™ 96-Well Cytotoxicity Assay30 Jan 2015Read
High-Throughput Screening Data Analysis for Cell-Based Assays Using Corning® Epic® Technology: Going Beyond Simple Hit/Non-Hit Classification with Epic Signal Identification (SI)28 Jan 2015Read
New Tools for Drug Discovery: Multiplexing the Monitoring of Ca2+ and cAMP Signaling in Primary Cells Using the FDSS®/µCELL27 Jan 2015Read


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MultiWell: High Throughput Screening for Raman Chemical Analyzers19 Dec 2014Watch  
Hamilton VANTAGE Liquid Handling System & INSTINCT V Software17 Oct 2014Watch  
Protocol Video: How to use Porvair's Chromatrap ChIP Kit24 Jul 2014Watch  
Brand New Technology Aids Personalized Medicine Epigenetics19 May 2014Watch  
Automation from GNF Systems Opens New Therapeutic Opportunities6 Feb 2014Watch  
Liquid Handling Bootcamp Demonstrates the Importance of Calibration and QA/QC to Ensure the Results are on Target29 Jan 2014Watch  
Rapid Cell Quantification Using High Content Cell Analysis 28 Jan 2014Watch  
No Wash, Cell- and Bead-Based High Throughput Screening28 Jan 2014Watch  
SeqNinja: 3 Useful Functions for Large Data Sets 17 Jul 2013Watch  
Introducing the Fully Automated High-Throughput Rheometer (HTR) from Anton Paar10 May 2013Watch