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Cell Assays – Present & Future (Part Two)27 Aug 2014Read
Cell Assays – Present & Future (Part One)11 Aug 2014Read
Genedata Showcases Integrated Analysis & Image Management Solution for Phenotypic Screening at 11th Annual HCA19 Feb 2014Read
Molecular Devices Announces Homogeneous Antibody Binding Assays for High Throughput Antibody Screening3 Feb 2014Read
Corning Showcases Expanded Drug Discovery Portfolio at SLAS 201420 Jan 2014Read
Molecular Devices Launches ImageXpress Micro XLS System for Wide-field High Content Screening24 Sep 2013Read
PerkinElmer Launches New Live Cell Capabilities for Operetta® High Content Imaging System25 Jul 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces HCS Studio Integrated Software Solution for High Content Analysis Delivers Intelligence and Speeds Research Answers16 May 2013Read
Evolving High Content Screening with the Olympus IX83 Inverted Microscope Frame20 Mar 2013Read
Winners of GE Healthcare 2012 Cell Imaging Competition Announced27 Feb 2013Read

  Application Articles

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SCREENSTAR: A 1536 Well Microplate for High Content and High Throughput Screening25 Nov 2014Read
Monitoring BNP Expression and Cell Size to Determine Hypertrophic Response in Human Cardiomyocytes28 Oct 2014Read
Cytotoxicity Studies on 3D Primary Liver Microtissues Using the Operetta System from PerkinElmer28 Oct 2014Read
Evaluation of High Content Mechanism Screening as a Prediction Tool for Organ Toxicity3 Sep 2014Read
Assessment of a Micropatterned Hepatocyte Co-Culture System to Detect Compounds that Cause Drug Induced Liver Injury in Humans21 Aug 2014Read
Quantitative Analysis of 3D Microtissue Growth and Biomarker Intensity20 Feb 2014Read
Homogeneous Antibody Binding Assays with High Content Imaging3 Feb 2014Read
Imaging Microtissue Cores using the Opera High Content Screening System30 Aug 2013Read
Combining Promega HaloTag® Technology with PerkinElmer High Content Imaging Systems19 Aug 2013Read
Multiplexed Hepatotoxicity Assays using iCell® Hepatocytes14 Aug 2013Read


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Automated Imaging and Microscopy8 May 2014Watch  
Fast and Flexible High Content Imaging28 Jan 2014Watch  
The ImageXpress® Micro XLS Widefield High Content Screening System from Molecular Devices24 Sep 2013Watch  
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