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InSphero Wins ACES Award as Top European Academic Enterprise in Life Sciences15 Oct 2014Read
Eurofins Panlabs Strengthens Drug Discovery Services with GE Healthcare’s Cytiva™ Cardiomyocytes13 Aug 2013Read
Cyprotex to Offer New Long-Term Toxicity Testing Service Using InSphero 3D InSight Liver Microtissues20 Sep 2012Read

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Human Liver Microtissues as a Novel System to Predict Inflammation-Mediated Toxicity20 Feb 2015Read
The Impact of a 3-Dimensional Human Liver Microtissue Model on Long-term Hepatotoxicity Studies17 Feb 2015Read
A Novel Microliver Production Technology for High-Throughput Livertox Screening Systems10 Feb 2015Read
Cytotoxicity Studies on 3D Primary Liver Microtissues16 Jul 2014Read
HepatoPac™: A Bioengineered Micro-Liver Platform for Predictive Drug Metabolism and Toxicity Studies22 May 2014Read
In Vitro Modeling of Cytokine-Drug Interactions Using Micropatterned Co-Cultures Of Primary Hepatocytes and Kupffer Macrophages22 May 2014Read
Bioactivation and Toxicity of Acetaminophen in Rat Primary Hepatocytes Cultured in Micropatterned Co-Cultures15 May 2014Read
3D Human Liver Microtissues: Characterization and Implication for Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity Studies30 Apr 2014Read
Characterization and Function of iPSC-derived Hepatocytes for Use in Toxicity22 Oct 2013Read
Comparison of Two Cell Model Systems, Primary Human Hepatocytes and hiPSC-derived Hepatocytes to Determine the Hepatoxicity of Three Candidate Drugs Developed for Rheumatoid Arthritis25 Sep 2013Read


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