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MedMira Expands Multiplo Product Range with Three New Rapid Vertical Flow Tests17 Jul 2014Read
UAB Develops a ‘Bioenergetic Health Index’ (BHI) Using Seahorse Bioscience XF Technology30 May 2014Read
Karolinska Institutet Utilizes G:BOX Chemi XX6 in DNA Vaccine Research to Make Quantifying IR Fluorescent Viral Antigens Faster and More Accurate15 May 2014Read
Abbott Features Solutions to Help Labs Prepare for the Evolving Healthcare Landscape at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Lab Expo29 Jul 2013Read
Life Technologies Expands CEERAM Food Safety Range to Global Market26 Jul 2013Read
Abbott’s New Test Empowers Doctors to Select Most Effective Therapies for Patients with Hepatitis C21 Jun 2013Read
New Single Virus Detection Techniques for Faster Disease Diagnosis7 Jun 2013Read
SeraCare Introduces New Hepatitis C ACCUVERT Seroconversion Panels and Anti-Herpes ACCUSET Performance Panel15 May 2013Read
SeraCare Introduces New Seroconversion Panels for Hepatitis B and HIV5 Apr 2013Read
Roche Receives FDA Approval for Viral Load Test Designed to Evaluate Hepatitis C Therapy14 Mar 2013Read

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Fast & Efficient Processing of ELISA Assays Using Tecan’s HydroSpeed™ Plate Washer and Infinite® F50 Absorbance Reader7 Jan 2015Read
Recovery of pDIKE2 plasmid for Hepatitis C Vaccine using CIMmultus C4 HLD Advanced Composite Column cGMP4 Sep 2014Read
The Advantages of EIA with Improved Sensitivity for the Detection of Low Concentrations of HBsAg in Samples with Markers of HCV, HBV or HIV Infections21 May 2014Read
Influence of Heterogeneity of Amino Acid Sequence Varying Considerably on Immunoreactivity Antigen Region of HCV NS5 Protein from Position 2212 to 231321 May 2014Read
Quantitative Detection of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) on the VERIS MDx System16 May 2014Read
Quantitative Detection of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) on the VERIS MDx System16 May 2014Read
Using iPSC-Derived Hepatocytes as a Functional Model System for Human Hepatitis Research28 Oct 2013Read


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Innovative Solutions for Sample Preparation and In Vitro Diagnostics27 Nov 2012Watch