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North East Based Biotechnology Firm Receives £700k Funding Boost8 Jul 2013Read
Roche Launches First Sugar-Transferase for New Glyco-Engineering Portfolio Supporting Applications from Research to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing1 Jul 2013Read
Agilent Technologies, University of Rouen and A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute to Further Innovation in Biopharmaceuticals and Glycomics24 May 2013Read
Quantitative Glycopeptide Standard for Accurate Monosaccharide or Sialic Acid Quantitation12 Dec 2012Read
Lectin-Based Microarrays for Analyses of Glycosylation Structures2 Jul 2012Read

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Screening Diverse Glycosyltransferases Using Homogenous, Fluorescent Transcreener HTS Assays for Direct Detection of Nucleotide Products24 Nov 2014Read
Cell Culture Optimization Using an Agilent Bio-Monolith Protein A Column and LC/MS5 Sep 2014Read
Separation of Intact Monoclonal Antibody Sialylation Isoforms by pH Gradient Ion-Exchange Chromatography29 Aug 2014Read
Fast and Efficient HILIC Methods for Improved Analysis of Complex Glycan Structures24 Jul 2014Read
A Novel HILIC Column for High Speed N-linked Glycan Analysis18 Jul 2014Read
Detection of Glycosyltransferase Activities with Homogeneous Bioluminescent UDP Detection Assay6 Feb 2014Read
Evaluating Protein Glycosylation in Limited-Quantity Samples by HPAE-PAD23 Aug 2013Read
Optimization of GlycoWorks HILIC SPE for the Quantitative and Robust Recovery of N-Linked Glycans from mAb-Type Samples12 Aug 2013Read
Characterization of the N-glycosylation Pattern of Antibodies by ESI - and MALDI Mass Spectrometry22 Apr 2013Read
Electron Transfer Dissociation of N-linked Glycopeptides from a Recombinant mAb Using SYNAPT G2-S HDMS28 Feb 2013Read


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