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Wide Range of Volumetric Glassware from Poulten & Graf8 Jan 2015Read
Exclusive Interview: New Method to Ensure Safe Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging – Part 22 Jan 2015Read
Ten Editorial Highlights of 2014 for Materials Scientists31 Dec 2014Read
VOLAC Glassware and FORTUNA® Liquid Handling launched into the USA19 Dec 2014Read
Exclusive Interview: Prof Matthew Hall Reveals How Glass Could Change the Landscape of Energy Consumption– Part 12 Dec 2014Read
SCHOTT HermeS® Glass Wafers with Through Glass Vias for MEMS Technology12 Nov 2014Read
SCHOTT Introduces a Variety of Glass Substrates for Use in Biotechnology4 Feb 2014Read
Asynt Develop DrySyn Heating Block for Synthesis & Evaporation In Pear Shaped Flasks31 Jan 2014Read
Introducing the Education Laboratory Glassware Package from Miele Professional10 Jan 2014Read
Laser Physics Introduces New EN207/ EN12254 Certified Viewing Windows from Kentek27 Aug 2013Read

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Effect of Diluent on Analyte Adsorption to Glass Vials21 Nov 2014Read
Aqueous Cleaning of Petroleum Compounds from Laboratory Glassware23 Jan 2014Read
Effective Cleaning of Pipettes21 Jan 2014Read
Effective Cleaning of Narrow-Necked Laboratory Glassware16 Jan 2014Read
Determining the Effects of Angle on the Infra-Red Reflectance Properties of Thin Films in Architectural Glass Using the Agilent Cary 630 FTIR18 Apr 2013Read
Measuring the Reflective Properties of Architectural Glass Using the Agilent Cary 630 FTIR with 10 degree Specular Reflectance Accessory18 Apr 2013Read
Detecting Weak Glass Transition (Tg) in Polymers by HyperDSC30 May 2012Read


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DURAN PURE - The New Process Biologic Bottle System 21 Nov 2014Watch  
FluidX XSD-24 Automated Capper/Decapper for Glass Vials13 Nov 2014Watch