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Affymetrix Expands Portfolio of Axiom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics with New Offerings for Porcine and Equine Studies12 Jan 2015Read
Toshiba Corporation Selects Affymetrix Axiom Platform for Its Newly Launched Genotyping Service in Japan2 Dec 2014Read
New Online Search Tool from LGC Provides Fast Access to SNP Genotyping Assays21 Oct 2014Read
LGC’s New Search Tool Gives Online Access to 110,000 SNP Genotyping Assays7 Oct 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches Affordable Benchtop NIMBUS PCR Workstation28 Jan 2014Read
University Of Bristol Collaborates with Affymetrix on Genotyping Arrays for Guaranteed Sustainability of Wheat Production15 Jan 2014Read
Affymetrix to Host Workshop on Genomic Selection at Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) Conference8 Jan 2014Read
Affymetrix Axiom® Strawberry Genotyping Array Delivers Automated Analysis for High-Resolution Genome Scanning of Octoploid Strawberry4 Nov 2013Read
Luminex Corporation Receives FDA and European Clearance for a New Personalized Medicine Genotyping Assay26 Sep 2013Read
Integrated DNA Technologies Enhances its qPCR Probe Portfolio20 Aug 2013Read

  Application Articles

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KAPA2GTM Robust HotStart Mouse Genotyping12 Sep 2014Read
Droplet Digital PCR: High-Resolution Copy Number Variation Analysis27 Aug 2014Read
KAPA™ SYBR® FAST qPCR Kits Mouse Genotyping22 Aug 2014Read
Current Workflows for the Extraction and Amplification of DNA for Mouse Genotyping can Benefit from Improvements in Throughput, Turnaround Time and Reliability12 Aug 2014Read
Comparison of Custom Designed KASP and TaqMan Genotyping Assays for a Rare Genetic Variant Identified Through Resequencing GWAS Loci13 Jun 2014Read
Automated Haplotype-Specific Separation and Allele-Level Typing of Ambiguous Allele Pairs9 Dec 2013Read
Allele-Level HLA Typing Using SSO and Haplotype-Specific Extraction6 Dec 2013Read
Thermo Scientific Phire Plant Direct PCR Kit: Plant Genotyping and Transgene Detection without DNA Purification2 Dec 2013Read
D1K ScreenTape Simplifies Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genotyping28 Nov 2013Read
PCR-RFLP Directly from Blood Using Thermo Scientific Phusion Blood Direct PCR Kit5 Nov 2013Read


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