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Agilent Technologies Introduces Microarray for Rapid Screening of Aneuploidy in Single Cells from Embryos14 Jan 2015Read
Tute Genomics Biomarker Discovery Platform to Support Brigham Young University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Research29 Jul 2014Read
Luminex Corporation Receives FDA and European Clearance for a New Personalized Medicine Genotyping Assay26 Sep 2013Read
Free NGS Report Demo — Bypass the Data Bottleneck with Genefficiency Services24 Jul 2013Read
HistoGenetics Selects Illumina’s MiSeq® System as Next-Generation Sequencing Platform of Choice22 Jul 2013Read
RNA Sequencing Kits to Improve NGS Workflow20 Nov 2012Read
University College London Cancer Institute Selects RainDance's ThunderStormT System for High-Throughput Targeted Sequencing16 Nov 2012Read
New Method Helps Link Genomic Variation to Protein Production9 Nov 2012Read
Rapid, Reliable Isolation and Processing of Individual Cells for Genomic Analysis20 Jun 2012Read

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In Sickle Cell Project, Baylor Scientist Discovers Link to Fetal Hemoglobin Production with Ingenuity Variant Analysis from QIAGEN27 Oct 2014Read
New Take on RADseq Enables High-Throughput Variant Discovery17 Sep 2013Read
Rapid Mutation Detection Using a Modified Resequencing Workflow16 Sep 2013Read
Multiplex Sequence Capture for Targeted Resequencing of Candidate Gene Panels in Cancer28 May 2013Read
Gene Expression Profiling using Ion Semiconductor Sequencing28 May 2013Read
Amplicon Analysis of Lung Cancer Samples24 May 2013Read
Solving the Cancer Puzzle with Next Generation Sequencing and Microarrays21 May 2013Read
Next-Generation Amplicon-Based Deep Sequencing and Its Application to Characterize Hematological Malignancies17 May 2013Read
Amplicon Sequencing from FFPE Tissues on the MiSeq® System9 May 2013Read
Identification and Comparison of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Variants8 May 2013Read


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Gut Microbiome Reveals Likelihood of Genetic Diseases15 Dec 2014Watch  
Rapid, Simultaneous Detection of 40 Mutations Within the LDLR, ApoB and PCSK9 Genes28 Nov 2014Watch  
Dr. Jan Korbel, EMBL: Novel Mechanisms of Cancer Genomic Alteration19 Jul 2013Watch  
Dr. Sarah McClelland, Cancer Research UK: Chromosomal Instability in Colorectal Cancer28 May 2013Watch  
Introducing Ingenuity Variant Analysis Software for the Rapid Identification of Causal Variants in NGS Data27 Mar 2013Watch