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UVP, LLC and Analytik Jena – Life Science Unlimited3 Nov 2014Read
Viewpoint Laboratories to Bundle Dark Reader Transilluminators with New Polaroid Gel Camera systems29 Jul 2014Read
Analytik Jena to Exhibit Latest Developments for Sample Handling and PCR at Biotechnica 201323 Sep 2013Read
New Stain-Free Gel Visualization Application of Syngene’s G:BOX System16 Sep 2013Read
Maastricht University Science Programme uses SDI’s Syngene G:BOX Chemi7 Aug 2013Read
Syngene's G:BOXChemi Used in Microbial Research at Wageningen UR6 Jun 2013Read
Genomics, Proteomics and In Vivo Imaging Systems from UVP at AACR27 Mar 2013Read
Easy, Efficient and Economical Gel Documentation with the New GelDoc-It®e Imager7 Mar 2013Read
Syngene Launches PXi Touch Range of Versatile Image Analysis Systems23 Jan 2013Read
A New Compact, Portable Gel Documentation System for Real-Time Fractionation17 Jan 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Multiplexing DyLight® Infrared 680 and 800 Dyes26 Jan 2015Read
Digital Chemiluminescent Imaging of Protein Blots13 Jan 2015Read
Using the UVP BioDoc-It Imaging System for Analysis of Differential Display RT-PCR Gels17 Dec 2014Read
Next Generation Gel Imaging Using GelRed™ and GelGreen™ Dyes with the GelDoc-It® Imaging System17 Dec 2014Read
Safe Gel Imaging with Blue Light Excitation Using GelGreen™ Dye with the GelDoc-It® Imaging System and Visi-Blue™ Converter Plate14 Nov 2014Read
Sensitivity and Protein-to-Protein Consistency of Flamingo™ Fluorescent Gel Stain Compared to Other Fluorescent Stains1 Oct 2014Read
Detection of ClearPAGE™ Instant Blue-Stained Protein Gels Using the GelMax™ Imager20 Aug 2014Read
Stain-Free Method for Western Blotting27 Jan 2014Read
Imaging Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ Gels Compared to Standard Coomassie Staining Procedures Using G:BOX Imaging System16 Sep 2013Read
General Protocol for Western Blotting12 Jun 2013Read


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ChemiDoc™ XRS+ System Unboxing and Installation28 Jan 2015Watch  
Introducing the V3 Western Workflow™ with ChemiDoc™ Touch Imaging System19 Dec 2014Watch  
Image Studio Lite Software - FREE Software for Western Blot Analysis26 Jun 2014Watch  
The Syngene PXi/PXi Touch Multi-Application Gel Imaging System27 Jan 2014Watch  
Aplgen Showcases Omega Lum™ Line of Gel and Blot Imaging Systems19 Dec 2013Watch  
UVP Introduces the GelMax™ Imager for Precast and Mini Gels19 Dec 2013Watch  
Maximize Gel Documentation with the GelDoc-It Imaging System from UVP11 Mar 2013Watch  
Automated Gel and Blot Imaging using the PXi from Syngene18 Feb 2013Watch  
PDQuest™ Software: Tutorial Makes Learning 2-D Analysis Easy3 Oct 2012Watch  
The Protean i12 System for Isoelectric Focusing3 Sep 2012Watch