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DiaSorin Launches the First Fully Automated Test for Adenovirus Gastrointestinal Infection19 Sep 2014Read
Seven Pharma Companies Offer up Compounds to UK Researchers22 Jul 2014Read
Biohit Signs Licensing Agreement with Randox for GastroPanel Non-Invasive Blood Test for Diagnosis and Screening of Gastric Disorders4 Dec 2013Read
Wyatt Technology Instrumentation Employed by the Medical Research Council to Perform Breakthrough Research into Human Health and Disease15 Nov 2013Read
Luminex Corporation Receives U.S. FDA Clearance for MAGPIX® Instrument with Novel xTAG® Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel18 Apr 2013Read
LabCorp Announces the Availability of Expanded Services for Inflammatory Bowel Disease2 Apr 2013Read
Luminex Receives FDA Clearance for First Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Pathogen Infectious Disease Diagnostic in the United States18 Jan 2013Read
New Easy-Card H.pylori Antigen Test18 Oct 2012Read
Oxoid Tests Allow Rapid Diagnosis of the Majority of Causes of Gastroenteritis17 Jun 2009Read

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Evaluation of the First Microarray-Based Molecular Screening Test for Eight Gastrointestinal Pathogens Using the Automated NanoCHIP Platform23 May 2014Read
Rapid Mutation Detection Using a Modified Resequencing Workflow16 Sep 2013Read


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Solutions for the Early Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Diseases9 Dec 2012Watch